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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

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    My EBay can
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    i have a can of that Garret sweet i'll never open if ya want it.  Where do you live?

    November 6
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  • Recently I have started seeing posts on our snuff lovers forum by what I perceive to be right wing NRA gun carrying people. These guys are putting links in their posts to gun enthusiast sites. Even though I own lots of guns, I don't this forum should be a platform for right wing politics or any political views. I hope some of you agree with me.
    October 15
  • This year I only grew one lonely tobacco plant because it snowed mid June. But I'm just finishing our new greenhouse before the snow flies. Perhaps I'll get some seeds of more traditional tobacco varieties and try my hand at snuffmaking once again. My last batch turned out nice, clove and peppermint, aged to perfection with a little wine backnote. My cat Thermos is still doing his thing catching mice, voles, and the occasional weasel.
    October 15
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  • rostanf
    Hello, Roderick. I was wondering if "Plain Rough" was still available, does rough just mean coarse and how would I order it if still available? Below is the link I found. Thanks for your time
    October 9
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  • Slide
    Hey Brant,

    Remember me? - Slide - Scott Grantham

    Seems like I recall you living in the Cincinnati area. I am here potentially for 3 months to work. 6 days a week 10 hours a day.

    I know how life can be, but if you are still in the area maybe we could meet for a cup of coffee one Sunday. Totally understandable if it can't work out.

    All the best to you,

    September 30
  • Roderick
    Thanks for all your help with the trolls.

    September 29
    • miamimark
      No prob! His last comment to me was "lick my balls!" LOL. I didn't take much for me to delete his account!
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