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  • TigerJackshere
    HI, Could you tell me where you buy your Mammoth Cave Twist sir as I can't find a source anymore for it?
    October 22
  • My name is Will, I'm a PhD student in
    Arizona and I have been snuffing for about 12 years. I have a
    collection of about 150 snuffs. My favorites include Wilson's Irish
    Toast #22, 6 Photo's Kailash, Toque's Ambrosia and Whiskey & Honey,
    Bernard's Fichtennadel and Magic Moments, and McChrystal's Fine Keg.
    Roderick from Toque is presently working on a custom run of
    double-flavored Ambrosia for me (I would be happy to share samples with
    Snuffhouse members once it is finished). I am planning to grow tobacco
    and extract flavor compounds to make artisan snuff; my main aim is to
    make a snuff that replicates the smell of an early morning in the
    Sonoran Desert just after a light rain during citrus blossom season. I
    have a few tricks up my sleeve. Making snuff will be just for fun, as it
    appears that regulations make it virtually impossible to start a
    tobacco business these days. I am extremely worried about the growth of
    virulent anti-tobacco regulation in the USA and EU, especially in light
    of the impact we've seen on heritage snuff makers like Molens de
    Kralingse and Wilsons of Sharrow. At the same time I am optimistic that
    snuff could have a beautiful future if the word gets out. There are a
    lot of cigarette smokers who would love to visit this world if they knew
    that it existed. I am glad to finally be a member here, and I hope to
    give back to this community some fraction of what it has given me over
    the years.
    October 21
  • willynelson
    Hi Mr. Snuff,

    A number of members here have noticed that your stock appears to be dwindling. This is most noticeable with regards to British and German snuffs. Can you allay our concern that you may be selling off your stock and shuttering the doors? A less terrible, though still awful possibility, is that there will simply be no restocking of British and German snuffs in the future. Is that the case?

    Best regards,
    October 21
  • Welcome Aboard!
    October 20
  • pete and JRolfe joined.
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    October 17
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    October 17
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    October 12
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    October 10
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    October 8
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    October 6
  • I noticed a lot of snuff and dust was in my keyboard and after cleaning it with a soft decorating brush I've found a solution. I've wrapped cling film (plastic wrap) around my keyboard - not too tight so you can still use the keys and wipe it off when it gets too snuffy again. I'm not that messy a snuffer but it builds up over time.
    October 5
  • loper77 joined.
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    October 3
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    October 2
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    September 29
  • Rogue
    Fixed the comment you flagged.
    September 27
  • ADWill joined.
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    September 25
  • Robe
    hello, I have some different snuffs i would trade on for pipe tobacco or orhet snuffs, and i have a bernard Brasil-doppelt too that i just took a pinch out of...its not for me....what do you have to trade on?

    September 25
  • Robe
    Hello, I been wanting to try the F&T HDT, How much would you take for the jar? Trade on anything?

    September 25
  • Hi Steven,
    I will gladly send you some silver and gold thomas bouyant spoons in exchange for the high dry toast. My address is:

    Steve Davis
    2520 Valley View Drive
    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

    Thank you so much!
    September 23
  • spinyeel joined.
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    September 22
  • Caudimordax
    Have you seen the parker "shavettes" that are a straight razor that take standard DE blades with no stropping. If you can use a classic straight you should find these easy.
    September 21
  • Caudimordax
    Always fancied having a go with a rapier and buckler if indeed they were used together.
    September 21
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    September 21
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    September 19
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    September 18
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    September 17
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    September 14
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    September 11
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    September 6
  • Gunmedic
    I sent you a message bu I guess it didn't go through. Im not that great with computers.
    September 5