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  • bigforehead joined.
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    May 5
  • Happy to be here! I've lurked for a long while and decided it was high time I joined up. Thanks for having me!
    May 4
  • Welcome Aboard!
    May 4
  • Everything seems to be coming up me so far this week. My apple seed sprouted and now have a baby apple tree! Work rewarded me for being generally "awesome" and my mrsnuff order arrived! Glory be, Life is grand!
    May 3
  • RonNorman joined.
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    April 29
  • spyder
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    April 26
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    April 24
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    April 23
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    April 21
  • elim
    Viking Brown... Nice, natural, moist, dark, easy to snuff, great nic hit.
    April 19
  • Toxikmynd and Slava joined.
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    April 18
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    April 17
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    April 15
  • fredh
    Hi Hitsuzen,

    Please tell me if Lunecat is now banned (again). I have been recently told that he is no now longer allowed on Snuffhouse (again).

    Is this true, and if possible, can you briefly explain to me what happened?

    Thank you.
    April 13
  • dustin and romanko joined.
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    April 13
  • AFuse, Andreas and remi1au joined.
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    April 12
    • AFuse
      Thank you!
  • Roderick
    Hi Yisraeldov, 

    I see your passover post has disappeared. The last time I saw it was last night. I hope no-one was rude to you. As I've said before we are a very mixed lot on Snuffhouse and it is a home for all walks of life, as it should be. Maybe the moderators want to keep it secular. 

    April 10
    • Aamon
      I noticed this too and was going to PM you
    • yisraeldov
      Thanks, I tried to keep it not religious, but more about traditions in snuff use, but what can we do when religion plays a big part in how snuff was used. I appreciate the no-religion clause in the TOS and asked the moderators ( @hitsuzen ) before I posted.

      The thing is that we will be missing out on lots of info if we ban all discussion that has anything to do with religion. That mean that you, @roderick can't post when you make a new holiday flavor. Same that about politics, we need to know about how new EU regulations will change our snuff usage.
  • dudley joined.
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    April 7
  • damn
    April 6
  • how do i post something new?
    April 6
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    April 5
  • Naghampsha joined.
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    April 1
  • kurtsnose
    Howdy :
     Thanks for the sample ! In what quantities are you selling the Bananas Foster ?
    Thank You !

    Regards :
                  Kurt :
    March 31
  • Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.
    March 31
  • _A_ and aurban912 joined.
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    March 31
    • _A_
      Thx man.
  • where can I get tube rose snuff at a good price
    March 28
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    March 27
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    March 25
    • Hilda
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    March 25