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how do you all detect the amount of nicotine in snuff? the only way i can detect it is if my nose throbs on the inside or if it gives me a head rush is there other reactions i can look for?


  • I feel a warm, tingling sensation in my head and chest when I've had a certain amount of nicotine. If it is too much, I start sweating, get sick and feel dizzy.
  • so the warm feeling is a good indicator cause i seem to have a flash of heat and tingling go through my body when i use snuff sometimes
  • The way I know Is that I don't feel like an irritable jerk.
  • Tingling teeth, old chap. I love that sensation.
  • My tell tale sign is usually a big hit of light headedness followed by a calming sensation. It's sublime... Until I have too much and end up with a cold sweat feeling sick, but that hasn't happened for a while now!
  • For me its just a "I can tell" feeling. Just the other day I felt a bit too much coursing through my body as evidenced by a bit of woozieness and a touch of upset stomach. Mind you I had a bit of Makla in my upper lip and took several large pinches of some Medicated No. 66. I could just tell.

  • I usually will get a tingling behind the eyes, become much more relaxed, and have a heavy feeling in my arms.
  • I've noticed the "tingling teeth" sensation with certain snuffs but I think i feel it by a certain amount of general euphoria almost as if I were slightly high or something- then the warmth.
  • Tingling teeth, warm feeling (maybe a slight burn) at first followed by the... Ahhhh... feeling and then relaxing.
  • This is a difficult topic, at least for me. I don't really look to snuff as a nicotine delivery system. Of course the nicotine is part and parcel of the experience, but I tend to focus my (limited) attention to the quality of the tobaccos used and the skills of the blender/miller in adding scent and flavor to enhance the tobaccos' natural qualities. Or NOT adding anything, as the case may be.

    Don't get me wrong. There's nothing like that heart starting pinch of Madras or HDT in the wee hours, the warm feeling that comes over me by the fireplace with a dram or two of a good beverage and a large spooner of GH Kendal Brown. I like nicotine as much as the next guy. I just look at it as a fringe benefit bundled up in the whole snuff experience.

    Then again, I am one of the strangest people I know.

  • A head rush would be cool. But, for me I can tell when I feel relaxed. I like thick moist tobacco so I can load it in my nostril. Little dainty spoons filled of dry snuff are just a tease really. I use them for brief flavors, and to help dry my nose when it gets cold and runny. But they do not satisfy my nicotine needs. I think of snuff kind of as a meal, and what flavors for the time of day that its being consumed.
  • If I hit a level where the nicotine is "just right" I feel like the fog clears from my mind and I can focus at great length on things that interest me, like my IQ just jumped 20 points. If I cross the line into too much nicotine I get woozy and may have to make a dash for the restroom, suffering painful cramps, cold sweats and ... the rest is TMI.
  • If my IQ jumped 20 points I'd still have to stand on top of a very, very tall ladder to reach idiot status.
  • i was awarded the title of village idiot a few years back
  • @jeffcraft1 ....and somewhere a poor village is being deprived of its idiot(s)
  • lol
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