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loss of smell of snuff

im not getting much scent out of many of my snuffs its either noticeable but quickly fades or i cant smell it all i can smell other things but the scent of snuff fades really quickly like after one or two sniffs from the can. has anyone else experience this this happened after i went on a snuff binge i went through a lot of snuff in a short time. could this be it? any remidies you can think of? i want to be able to smell my snuff again thats my main enjoyment with it! help?


  • Which snuffs care you having the issue with , how long have you had them, and how are you storing them?
  • toque xmas pudding toque quit wos country mint toque wildberry dholakia rdt and dekralingse a/p some of them i store in the refrigerato the ones im going to use for a while in their original tins is there somthing i can do to get the smell back?
  • this is still an ongoing problem and im not sure how to fix it
  • Are you still storing these in the refrigerator? Have you tried warming a pinch between finger and thumb? Bringing a snuff to body temperature can help bring the scent out.

    The only other thing I can think of is if they have dehydrated. Indirect rehydration can sometimes reinvigorate a snuff.
  • jeffcraft1jeffcraft1 Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    ive tried fresh tins after an 8 month break and found i still have the same problem but i saw able to smell some stale F&T for a few seconds idk what to do
  • i think its a problem with my nose

  • The olfactory sense is the least robust of the senses. What I mean is that scents easily fade not due to the source but due to the nose. Walk into a monkey house. Your first impression is man it stinks in here. Stay in said house for several minutes, and you'll notice it no longer smells as bad as it was. Human noses assimilate scents quickly.

    I have the same issue as we all to to a greater or lesser extent. My solution: if you have 50-100 scents at your disposal things don't get "old" as quickly

  • Have you tried rinsing your sinuses with saline? 
    This one works great:


    Also, as for the monkey house smell ... Rustica!  :)

  • i have before everytime i bring it up with my doctor she just smiles and does nothing and wont refer me to an E,N,T
  • Use only McChrystal's Original And Genuine, rinse your nose with saline before bed. Find a pressurized one, it's expensive but worth it, and then 15-20 minutes after use a nasal dryness gel.

    Do this for about a week. I'm not sure about other medicated snuffs because I haven't tried them, but McChrystal's O&G really means medicated.
  • I'm saying this because I've had nose problems for years now. I have a crooked septum because I got hit in boxing and my nose didn't fully break. I've had breathing problems for a long time, scents not coming through, etc. I only had mcchrystal's O&G when I started, and I noticed my nose coming back to life after a while.

    Also if your doctor won't refer you to an ENT, go to a hospital and say you feel pain in your nose. Obviously don't say you snuff unless the ENT asks you specifically. Telling doctors you put stuff up your nose for fun is a good way to get written off and ignored. Or switch doctors.
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