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Oden's Snus?

Did Northerner stop selling Oden Snus??? If so, has anyone ordered from a website called Snus Express?


  • ShavasanaShavasana Member
    edited March 2015 PM
    Northerner seems to be pairing down what they offer to their US customers drastically. It seems like they may be trying to limit it to brands that are available in shops here, exclusively (General US line, plus some Thunder/Offroad and Jakobsson's).

    As far as Snus Express goes, I haven't tried them. However, I've been a very satisfied customer at Snus Central many times. They carry a large variety of Oden's.
  • I was just looking at Snus Central... I will give them a try tomorrow when I place my order. I've been pretty lazy about snus lately and just buying the General portioned snus you can find anywhere around here. But I prefer the loose snus and Oden Extreme is by far my favorite.
  • has a large selection of Oden's snus. I just placed an order with them.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    I just received my Odens Extreme Los from SnusCentral. Got to me in two days.
  • is awesome, I've been using them since 2009.  Consistently the best prices, shipping speed and customer service.
  • I'll second @chadizzy1's endorsement of  My first order was processed in 20 minutes of my ordering and I received it in 3 days!
    I wish all companies had such great service.
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