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Samuel Gawith, Elmo's Reserve

In a previous order I received a tap box of Elmo's Reserve... On Mr. Snuff they say that this is a medium moist snuff but I'm not seeing it. The grind of this seems to be medium but this stuff is like sand or salt. It's dry as a bone and not at all comfortable in the nose. Is this just a flook and the snuff needs rehydrated or is this typically how this snuff comes?


  • Tap boxes are heinous. About as air tight as a screen door on a submarine. In the tins Elmo's is pretty nice.
  • Tap boxes are utter crap. They are about as air tight as leaving it open on your desk. They are fine for German oiled snuff but, any thing else is dried out as soon as you get it.
  • So re-hydrate is what you guys are saying to me... :D
  • I doubt rehydration will bring an aromatic like Elmo's will work well, but YMMV. I'd toss it and buy a fresh 25 gram tin so you get to know it when it's fresh. Otherwise you might get a negative impression of a good snuff.
  • I ordered two Samuel Gawiths in tap boxes, both were bone dry. Never again.
  • I had GH kendal brown in a tapper. The first time I didn't like it, but gave it a second chance after some weeks. And I liked it. So don't give up too soon.
    There is public for tap boxes or they wouldn't still market them.
  • I just assumed that this was how their snuff was because I received the Elmo and a tap box of Vanilla and both of them were identical in dry sandiness... I'm a little pissed that I paid for something that I am going to have to pitch. I guess those are the breaks. I really wish that Bernard didn't use the tap boxes for their snuff. I would much rather have a tin than the tap box. Any time I order extra I put the boxes in ziplock bags and store them until I need a new one. It's worked out pretty well with my Brasil.
  • You can get a tonka bean and soak it to revitalize the emos, and the vanilla you can hydrate that also and add a vanilla bean for extra flavor. SG 25G tins are vacuum sealed. Once opened you want to decant into air tight glass jars.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Good to know... Thanks gang!
  • Elmo's and vanilla are both over a kendal brown base (I know elmo's is, been a long time since I had vanilla) if you get them in the tin they should be quite moist. @basement_shaman is correct about the tonquin beans, I put one in with a tin of toque quit I had lost in the car and now it smell's like a lighter version of elmo's. Decanting is also a good idea unless (like me) SG tins don't last long enough in your house to bother.
  • What kind of jars are you guys using? I have a truck load of baby food jars would those work?
  • @SnuffnStuff baby food jars are perfect, they store 25g almost exactly. I use 4oz widemouth mason jars because my baby isn't a baby so much anymore (sniff).
  • Yeah ours aren't really "babies" anymore. But after having twins I literally have more baby food jars left than I could ever hope to use in 3 lifetimes... Oh if anyone wants baby food jars I am offering them at bulk rates! :))
  • Start a petition. No more tap boxes on Mr.snuff unless it is oiled! Maybe a big warning at the top of snuffhouse. Warning, Don't buy tap boxes unless it's German. This tap box issue has come up 3 or maybe many more times in my short year on this site.
  • I'm sure it's a price thing. I imagine it's probably less expensive to use the tap box but after a few years of snuffing I have determined that I'm not a fan. I like tins... Maybe it's a snob thing to say but I think they look more "classical" (if that makes any sense.) I would rather get my snuff in a little tin than a plastic box. I like to see the tins more than the boxes when I look at my small collection of snuff.
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    Agree with you @Igglet, this topic rises over and over again here.

    @SnuffnStuff, you could try to send them back to Sam Gawith with a nice letter. I wonder how much of this actually reaches S:G. Maybe they are just not aware of this failure of tap boxes.
  • @SkeG I agree with you that I would be curious to see/know how much of this information Sam Gawith actually knows about the issue. Considering that I'm buying this product from the U.S. and having it shipped to me they might not be too concerned. If this is a product that is sold in the U.K. without issue why change it for some guy in Ohio...

    But in that same line of thinking... This forum "i.e. Snuffhouse" is pretty well known and respected in the snuff community. It's advertised on Mr. Snuff (which is how I found it originally) and I've seen it mentioned on other forums where people have questions about nasal snuff. So I would like to think that would count for something. Perhaps an open letter from the Snuffhouse community regarding the Tap Box issue to S:G would be more effective than just one person saying they don't like something. We may only represent a small part of the overall snuff consumer market but I would be willing to bet that even those who aren't members here still get dry snuff in Tap Boxes and think... "Man I wish they wouldn't use these thing!"
  • @SnuffnStuff Just inform them it would triple sale if they could deliver a system where their product was received fresh in 10g or less. A foil pouch, small tin, smashbox etc. Rather than the current tap box that is inferior for delivering fresh snuff. Address them as the temporary spokesperson of The International Snuff Takers Association. I just unofficially appointed you to the position . As being the former elected ISTA Spokesperson.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman ... Awesome! I feel so honored... Do I get a hat (maybe a Fez) or something with this new position?
  • edited March 2015 PM
    No but you may use our banner, I envisioned and help design
    It may give you a foot up instead of some guy from Ohio
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hahahaha... I love it.
  • Your newest appointed to officer at large of public awareness.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Yup... gonna need some business cards for this. I can tell already.

    I might get a Fez anyway just to wear around the house.
  • The ISTA needs leadership of passionate dedicated informed individuals to carry out its mission. Unfortunately I stepped down by my own decision of the spokesperson representing shouldn't have cancer. It just does not look good; even though this cancer is unrelated to snuff use. They would still point fingers.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Well I would be interested in learning more!
  • PhilipSPhilipS Member
    edited March 2015 PM
    It is curious that a company that carries out stringent moisture control tests as part of its regular quality control for snuff then sells it on in a container where contents are quickly degraded. There is no chance that tap-box contents after storage for a few days would pass their own on site tests for quality, and it would be condemned as unfit for purpose. The boxes should be withdrawn from sale.

    I buy drums by the pound but years ago was gifted some of these dreadful boxes. The contents were bone dry. I complained to Bob Gregory of Samuel Gawith and still have his reply which I posted on this site about five years ago.

    Sir, we have received your mail, thank you.
    Two years ago we moved to the new plastic container as we were receiving so many complaints regarding the qualities of the tin. Rust etc.
    We are pleased to inform you that you are the very first to complain about the new packing....worldwide.
    We do not claim that the dispenser is air tight otherwise how would the slider move to allow the snuff to exit?

    My complaint – apparently the first - fell upon deaf ears. One may express dissatisfaction in writing but the best way to make protest felt is to avoid buying these boxes altogether. That they continue to sell, alas, is proof that the unwary still fall victim. NEVER BUY TAP-BOXES FROM SAMUEL GAWITH.
  • @PhilipS ... Wow did they send you a hat or t-shirt for being the worlds first customer to complain? Hahaha! Yeah that's crazy. I've learned my lesson with tap-boxes and I'm avoiding them at all costs. I'm going to email both S:G and Bernard later today and voice my concern about their products in tap boxes.

    I would hate to give them any ideas but even if the plastic box came with vacuum wrap/shrink wrap on it to keep it fresh until the buyer opened it that would be an improvement.

    At the end of the day I'm sure it comes down to cost. I would have to guess that the plastic tap boxes are cheaper to buy in bulk than the tins but I don't have anything to back that statement up.
  • I wish you well in your complaint and it would be interesting to read their reply if you care to submit it.

    In the days of brick and mortar tobacconists Samuel Gawith snuff was often sold by the quarter ounce, ladled into triangular paper packets from 2lb container jars. But they have made mistakes in packaging before. At one time snuff was sold in yellow painted hinged tins like a little snuff box. They were quite attractive to the eye, featuring the profile of a black dog lying down. This was no Laurencekirk hinge, however, and the loose lid rattled, emptying most of the bone dry contents into your pocket. The cellophane wrap made little difference and the last time I saw these shockingly bad containers was about 1973. . If you prefer tins to drums then the current sturdy vacuum sealed tin are excellent, giving the consumer factory-fresh snuff every time.
  • I will be sure to post any reply I receive from both of them. I will be curious to see what they say... I would laugh if S:G sends me an email saying I'm the first person "World Wide" to complain. I can respond with... That's funny because I actually have talked with the First Person World Wide to complain so try a different line.
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    Bernard is not so much a problem, because the oil moistened schmalzlers keep better. However, I have twice bought Kownoer which was too dry to use and I bet this one is water moistened. Someone who knows more may correct me if I am wrong.

    I've actually been told that I use snuff wrong, when I once pinched from my tin. They showed me how one takes a pinch, puts it on the back of the hand and sniffs. Also everytime I offer a pinch to someone, they proceed to set it on their back of the hand. Germans... So good luck converting Bernard to use tins :D
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