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the perfect moment

nightcapnightcap Member
edited June 2008 in General

This is great!
This very rarely happens. I just spent all day with the family touring them all over the town. Came home. Talked my way out of going to a wedding, wen't fishing instead, caught a 3 lbs pickeral, came home, house to myslef, nothing to do but watch comedy channel, drink a cold beer and sniff toque chocolate..

i'm here all night...........


  • bobbob Member
  • Sounds like my kind of day. Now if you could do that everyday, it would be a near perfect life.
  • Sounds like a great day!
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    When I die I'm hoping thats what Heaven is like (though i'm not really a fisherman) :o)
  • Keep up the prayers and you might get there. Might be better to be diplomatic about fishing with the guy on the door.
  • bryanbryan Member
    Every day I take snuff all day long...keep a box next to the computer at home where I work all day programming computer language and taking night I sit with good music and my night-time snuff which is usually Jockey Club, Royal George or sometimes just Best SP, or Tom Buck....I don't know why but all day long, I like something either plain or smoky so it's usually HDT or Garett Scotch all day and for some reason I like something perfumed at night while I read. When I'm out and about on the road hiking or sports, I like something with a little menthol. I just discovered President- it's exactly what I wanted in a menthol snuff. My favorite menthol by a long shot.

    By the campfire this weekend out camping...Lokatia 1860...damn that was good out in the woods...
  • bryanbryan Member
    Sure I'll check it out.

    My business is You can read all about what I "really" do. 99% of my work is CNC machine programming. I do work from home, and I'm looking for my first employees with 10 yrs. experience in 5-axis CNC programming. I'd be happy to talk to you about how to get started in your own computer programming business. I quit my "day" job 2 years ago with just one contract for only $6000.00 . It can be done- now no one could ever pay me enough to take a day job! You can find my contact info at my website.

  • bryanbryan Member
    Well, it's difficult- you'd probably have to work at a company that does 5-axis machining and go to a Catia training school- usually company pays for it.
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