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What was your first snuff?



  • Navy Plain back in the late 80's. Lasted 2 pinches, dumped the can. Next try was 2009. Toque Pomegranate. Still a favorite and I officially call that my first (real) snuff.
  • Royal George Oct 2010. Just decided this particular day I'd go and try to get some snuff. Went to local tobacconist, asked if he had some. He said yes and named a few WOS sorts. Picked royal george as it had an interesting name. Wasn't too keen really. Didn't stop me going back for rose and lemon toast though. The rest is history.
  • WE Garrett sweet
  • DaivDaiv Member
    Brand new user here: First Snuff is Silver Dollar Cherry.
  • Dr. Rumney's Mentholyptus in the those useless hinged half ounce tins. Around 1972. A few years later I went to Dean Swift Bezoar Fine Grind. A few years later it was G. Smith's Cafe Royal and HDT.
  • I was gifted some SG Apricot to try by a friend on a pipe forum. I LOVED the stuff.

    That was then...I don't much care for that particular snuff these days, but it was enough to get me to dive headfirst into a new rabbit hole!
  • W.E. Garrett scotch. It was like gunpowder, and I was hooked.

  • Levi Garrett, from the little brown bottle that Grandpa kept on the top shelf of the big kitchen cabinet, to keep is kids out of it! :)

    Grandpa's "Sunday bottle:", he chewed all week long, but before Church on Sunday he'd slip the little brown bottle into his pocket on the way out the door.

  • W.E. Garret Sweet and Ozona Raspberry... I think, it was 1996 I could be wrong about the Ozona brand, but I clearly remember the Sweet (though I thought it was Levi Garret, but must be remembering it wrong) and a Raspberry tap box.
  • Dr Rumney's Metholyptus
    1985. Bought it at the mall at age 14 :-)
  • W.E. Garrett sweet. Still trying to finish my first can.
  • Actually 2nd. Was Dr. Rumney's +Plus. That is the one I first liked and found in fresh form from smoke shop in London. 1984.
  • 1st snuff was some Blue Note pipe tobacco I ground up. That was about 3 years ago. Still have some and enjoy it along with the other home grounds. 1st commercial snuff was Hedges Menthol (still a favorite).
  • JHW SP No 1, firstly when conned into it about 8 years old by a babysitter's boyfriend, then again two years ago when I first decided to give snuff a try after 20 years of smoking
  • Smith's Cafe Royal (of sainted memory).
  • First ever was a pinch of my father's Hedges Menthol which I sneaked out of his tin when I was a child. Years later, it was Smith's Golden Cardinal, taken just outside their fantastic shop, that started my snuff career proper! I was euphoric, and never looked back!!
  • McChrystal's 'Jip' It gave me 'jip' as well; there was a whole lot of sneezing from a much younger MisterPaul that first time!!! :))
  • Poschl Apricot
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
  • JavaJava Member
    Dunhill Menthus Plus. I wish it was still available.
  • NTSU Snuff. I was fifteen years old then it spun my world around
  • First Gletscherprise about 3 years ago, Ozona Cherry and Pöschl Südfrucht soon after that. I still love Südfrucht.
  • Poeschel Gletscherprise
  • mmjkrmmmjkrm Member
    Mine was Ozona President
  • WoS Chilli Chocolate.Start snuffing about a year ago. Still regret it till this day.
  • Wilsons of Sharrow Natural.
  • Sugandha Sagar Rose and NB Madras
  • My very first snuff was back in 2007, home made cigar snuff with a small amount of cocoa. My first real snuff was a couple years later, McChrystal's Lemon flavor.
  • Rooster, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Samuel Gawith-Kendal Brown Original!
    Still in my top 3 list!
  • ADWillADWill Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    First ever Snuff was McChrystals OG, at around the age of 14, still one of my favorites.
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