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What was your first snuff?



  • ConkConk Member
    I think mine was WoS Best SP. No wonder I fell in love with the stuff.
  • Ozona English type, then Ozona President and the Poschl GletscherPrise All bought in several tobacconists.
    Then I ordered SWS Mull of oa and Lundy Foot and wow ! :-) The first time is like walking in a field of tobacco feeling the sun on your skin especially when you stopped smoking before ;-) Very pleasant experience.
  • @Snufferdemedicis how's the Mull of Oa and Lundy Foot? Been curious to try both of them. I really like SWS snuff, so I'm sure they won't dissapoint. I really love Field of Junipers, I can live off that snuff.
  • Mull of oa is coarse grind with a scent of islay whysky like Laphroag very nice and relaxing.
    Lundy foot is the opposite, a scent of tobacco and very light scent of vanilla or something nice very dry and energizing, stronger than Field of Junipers.
    The most relaxing snuff I tested is SWS Latakia Blend very strong wildfire scent but if you suffer from insomnia it does the thing.

  • GokulGokul Member
    edited May 13 PM
    Ok so it was about 27 years back when I was doing group study at a buddy's house. His dad was an ardent snuff user. He used to leave half-empty containers of umbrella brand snuff around the house. We used to study as hard as we could and the snuff helped me stay awake and fresh throughout! It was mighty stimulating. I was lucky to have the dark umbrella variety, it's mellow, mid ground and mild, so easy to take. This later led me to the finer Madras type snuffs like the TAS.
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