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pipe smoking newbie

So long time cig smoker quit with snuff.. dipped cope for long time.. smoked good cigars and cheap ones also. Never tried a pipe tho. After getting into snuff all the talk of pipe smoking interests me. I am seeking advice on starting and also buying good tasting tobacco for beginner?

Thanks, all advice is appreciated!


  • Any Dunhill tobacco would be a good start -Early morning,royal yacht,nightcap etc. Stay away from candy coated aromatics they will scorch your mouth.You may want to visit them later after you learn how to smoke. I am currently smoking Erinmore flake - very tasty,fruity flavored flake. Peterson make some good aromatics.
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  • Nice thanks!! Is there any style pipe to start with?
  • Oh, By the way Welcome to <:-P
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Thanks all!! I will post results..
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited April 2015 PM
    @snuff_it_up, a Missouri meerschaum is a great place to start. Cheap and great smokers. English style tobacco with Latakia is a good start, too, quite forgiving if you puff too hard. Save Virginias for later, they take a bit of getting used to. And give drug store aromatics a miss. If they are the first thing you smoke, you may well give up in disgust. There are some good pipe forums around, filled with people who enjoy nothing more than advising newbies what and how to smoke. Can be quite useful.
  • here is the link for some meerschaum pipe makers/sellers of Turkey. Some of them accept paypal.
  • Thanks a million guys.. Ran around to every local smoke shop looking for quality brands.. Everyone sold crap. So I came home read all your comments and this is what I ordered from pipesandcigars. How does this look for a first order? Cant wait!

    Dunhill Nightcap

    Missouri Meerschaum Ozark Ozark Hardwood Cherry Bent

    Dunhill Early Morning

    3 in 1 Pipe Tool Silver Pipe 3 in 1 Tool

    Dill's Regular Pipe Cleaners
    PACK OF 32

    Dunhill My Mixture 965

  • The tins are vacuumed sealed. so take the pipe tool and slide it between the indent on side and pry you'll hear air getting in, then you can twist the top off. You only want to fill the pipe half way to start to develop some cake. You may use filters on not. filters tempt me to inhale I don't use them. So take some tobacco out and set it to the side 15-20 minutes to let dry a bit before loading your pipe. You need only to pack the pipe gently, check the draw it should be easy.there is the first light then tamp lightly then the second should draw lightly not to get the pipe too hot. if it starts to go out, tamp again you may need to light it also.Enjoy
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  • Thank you basement.. very very helpful.. im looking forward to it!
  • Ok so tomorrow my package arrives and cannot wait to give it a puff. One question I am curious on is pipe tobacco storage? Any nifty ideas? Thanks
  • Tin tobacco most of the time is ok unless you have fifty tins open. Bulk tobacco when you can get it is less expensive, I have used candle jars, Wire bale top jars, mason canning jars,and humidor tobacco jars. I have 8 oz jars I put 100 grams in so the rest can age. instead of storing a whole pound in one container.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Thank you, always helpful basement_shaman :D
  • Alright so I got my package and ripped it open as fast as I could. The tobaccos smelled great and everything was nice. I packed up the pipe with some nightcap first after letting dry a bit. I had a hard time lighting it. Let it sit more and found i had to pack it tighter. I finally got it smoking nice and enjoying it. It felt really restricted though. I took the mouth piece off and found a 6mm filter. I threw out, packed another nice and tight. Lit it up and slowed down my smoking and just enjoyed it.. wow amazing.. i do however wish it had more flavor. I read it could be the pipe not being broken in? Anywho about to crack a beer and go for it again. Just snuffed some spanish gem toque. It is going to be a good night!
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @snuff_it_up one trick I found for being able to pack it tighter but still have a good smooth draw is to put a pipe cleaner all the way through the stem and into the bowl, pack it, then pull the pipe cleaner out. It leaves a little pocket of air at the bottom. Also, I usually use the "child, mother, father" pack method (unless it's flake), then do a quick "false" light, tamp it, then light again. Puff slowly to keep the smoke cool (like you would a good cigar), and while the cake is formibg, dont clean your pipe. At all.
  • @snuff_it_up, I notice you got the MM hardwood. Cool, fine. But put a corn cob in your next order. Very little break in required (not none, despite what some people say. You need to smoke them about three times for them to reveal their character). You won't regret.
  • Thanks guys.. I appreciate the advice.. It seems with every bowl I smoke it gets better and better now. I really enjoy exhaling out my nose. I just ordered more tinned tobacco. However I do find being and ex cig smoker I tend to inhale more than I would like to. I have read up on it and have gotten mixed feedback? Any thoughts on inhaling?
  • I'll inhale a few times per bowl but not deeply like I did with cigarettes and my lungs feel like a million bucks compared to what they used to. I wouldn't want to inhale a whole bowl though.
  • edited April 2015 PM
    I try not to inhale but I catch myself doing it when smoking smooth tobacco. If I do inhale it is only about half a mouth full after exhaling the same amount but only once or twice a bowl full. I do inhale dokha tobacco for the buzz >:) but I don't make it a habit to smoke dokha; a few hits a month is all my lungs can handle and I use a water pipe when I do.
    When I smoked cigarettes I would inhale directly, I don't with the pipe i blow out about half and take air in with the remainder if that make any sense. You just have to be conscience of your smoking habit. The main point is enjoyment and relaxation, if you need more nicotine try adding snus to your tobacco consumption.
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  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited April 2015 PM
    Little bit of inhalation is natural and unavoidable. And not undesirable. But if you're coming from cigarettes, you may overdo it. Some tobacco you're less likely to do it than others. A strong latakia blend with a bit of perique would probably discourage it.
  • SG 1792 flake - comes to mind
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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