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W.E. garrett

So far my only experience with snuff is some W.E. Garrett sweet snuff and some Dental scotch I picked up at a gas station. I am enjoying it and adding mint and other herbs from my garden. It is nice after touching it up, but is still rather dry and fine, and I am still getting eye watering throat hits from time to time. How do the English snuffs compare in terms of being able to snuff it?


  • Toque,Wilsons, have a little moisture. Samuel Gawiths most are moist and the grind is not so fine. On the whole English snuffs are easy to use. Just don't get SG 10 gram boxes they are dried out before they arrive. I had no luck with Gawith Hoggarth either , This may change since they moved to a new factory. You can order Toque directly : , Oh you can also get De Kralingse snuff direct:
    everything else you can get at Mr Snuff:
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  • To me Scotches and toasts are the hardest to take. English snuff outside of toasts are much easier with the exclusion of Toque. Toque kicks my but with his grind. I would recommend getting in touch with @chefdaniel of old mill. He's in the us and does handmade artisan snuffs that are simply out of this world. He's also got great customer service and is just a nice guy all around. You couldn't go wrong with ANY of his snuffs,although I would put in my vote for nocturne, Equinox, moulin Rouge, acadia, and calypso. They are all so good.
  • IvanIvan Member
    In word, much easier... If you can sniff a scotch w/out trouble, you can snuff anything.
  • You could hydrate your scotches also, makes them easier to take.There are many methods here in the pages of snuffhouse.
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  • Well I have rehydrated my chocolate mint snuff I made with a capful of whiskey and ran it through a sifter about 10 times and it is much better. I think I was having trouble because it was dry like flour.
  • Scotches were my first snuff experience as well, took a bit of getting used to. I'm a bit of an Anglophile so my first snuff order was all English, mainly WoS, Samuel Gawith, and Toque with the exception of 1 little Bernard's tapbox. Now over half of my snuff consumption is German Shmaltzer (mainly Bernard's) types. I do love WoS an Toque snuffs and a handful of SG. I think one of the reasons I love the Shmaltzers is because of how easy they are to take IMO. I second @hgrissom on the Old Mill snuffs, they are truly fantastic. Now I often go back for a taste of the old scotches though. My advice is get as many types as you can and figure out what you like, because chances are, like myself, if you like W.E. Garret, your a gonner.
  • Sounds like a personal problem and you might have problems with many others you have not tried.
  • Thanks for all the tips and suggestions! After hydrating my snuffs and a couple more days of using it, I believe my nose has finally adjusted to it. I am no longer having any trouble with the Garrett sweet or dental scotch. While I am waiting for my order to arrive I am trying my hand at making some papier mache boxes.
  • @nicmizer come on man, he's new and asking for advice. It was a simple question about finding snuffs that are easier to take. No need for "sounds like a personal problem" snark
  • No offense taken. I'm sure there are people that truly do have personal problems ans aren't able to use snuff.
  • There may be, but Scotches are difficult to take for many people and there have been many threads about just that issue. You're not alone, fine dry snuffs are very difficult for me as well
  • Switching from a spoon to pinching also helped me a great deal
  • @wanderingwoodsmith If you are planning on ordering some English snuff (they are pretty dry too, but usually more flavorful), you may consider adding some German Schmalzler to a order. It is thick and moist and needs no hydration. I find them very enjoyable compared to dry snuffs, which are just too much like flour for me. I like them when I have a stopped up nose, but thats about it.
  • Don't be hesitant to order some 6 Photo offering. I find them refreshing
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  • @coreymillia I am waiting on an order of English snuffs from Mr. Snuff, and I ordered OM Calypso and dreamcatcher from @chefdaniel.

    @basement_shaman I have some 6 photo in my shopping cart for my next order. Which 6 photo would you recommend that has a high nicotine level? Are there any pure rustics blends. I want something that will blow my top off. I would like something with a lot of nicotine because i am trying to trade my smoking habit for snuff.
  • 6 Photo White Elephant and Natural have some pretty decent nicotine.
  • @crullers I have heard good things about white elephant, but heard its hard for a beginner. Oh well, I can handle it :D
  • Yeah it is a little tricky but once you have it mastered it's excellent stuff!
  • @crullers do you know how the grind of white eelephant compares to we Garrett?
  • I haven't had Garrett but I've had other scotches. White Elephant is even more fine than scotch snuff, but if you can do scotches it shouldn't be too difficult for you.
  • @crullers I have only tried the Garrett and dental. I'm not to fond of the scent of dental. It might even be stale, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my town that buys snuff.
  • White Elephant is made by 41 Photo. Cheetah is the strongest of 6 Photo and isn't not beginner friendly. You can get a 50g bag of rustica here you might want Toque Quit also. Fubar Snafu has a decent kick,Fubar Grunt is worth trying And Fubar willie pete is about the finest grind you'll find. Taxi Red is moist and heavy and packs a punch, after you get past the ammonia it has a barnyard scent you will either love it or hate it. Oh and SG does not do fruit snuffs well.
    Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler was my first Schmalzler and I loved it and order two more a week later. You can get carried away when beginning with snuff. yes it is less expensive than smoking and healthier for you. Enjoy the your journey and remember to take notes.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • White Elephant is made by 41 Photo.
    Oops, you're right... trying to do too many things at once here

  • edited April 2015 PM
    @basement_shaman I can see how people go all out when beginning. I can't seem to stop making orders lol. On another note I have a Tibetan copper snuff bottle coming in the mail. Have any experience with them? I would love to have a nice snuff box, but all of the vintage ones seem a little pricey. I am making an orange peel box at the moment.
  • I refuse to put snuff anywhere near copper. Save your money, Roderick will have some new Toque Flasks available soon.
    You could get one like this
    hopefully @MrSnuff will get more of the boxes in stock.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman too latel lol. It was only 8 dollars shipped, so if its a bust its not too much of a loss.
    I mainly got it because I like the way it looks. If it gives off a funny scent I'm sure I can find sometyhing to seal the inside with.
  • Copper oxidizes quickly and can be harmful.
  • If it gives off a funny scent I'm sure I can find sometyhing to seal the inside with.
    @nicmizer I am well aware. But copper also has beneficial properties. I would be more worried about the smell than any possible "hazardous" effects.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Here is an interesting find on Ebay. An unopened bottle of Levi Garrett Scotch Rappee!
    Have any of our old-timers tried this one?

  • @SammyD13 that is an amazing find. I hope someone from on here wins it and tells us about it!
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