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SS Cafe Noir - opinions sought

HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
Ok, so my MrSnuff order came in, and the first tin I dug into was the Cafe Noir. First, the texture put me off. Ot was... fluffy. Not fluffy in the same way a meium mill can be. More like peat. Anyways, I took a good size pinch and at forst I loved it. The first few minutes were dark tobacco, with a nice subtle black coffee flavor to it. I was thinking I did well to order it. Then after the first wave came a second, much less subtle wave. The flavor reminded me... no, it was identical to a coffee flavored E-Juice I ised to use when I was Vaping. Not entirely unpleasant, but to me it seemed very artificial, which is s MAJOR turn off to me. Then the third wave and throat drip came on, and I could only describe it as bitter. Anyone else tried this stuff? Was your experience the same, or was this maybe a bad batch? Does anyone know if they use artificial flavorings? I'd like to hear someone elses experience with SS offerings of any kind before I scratch an entire line off the list over one bad batch.


  • J_SJ_S Member
    I have a tin, but I am not nearly ready to open it yet. However, I can speak for the line in a limited way. I love, absolutely love their Black Magic. So I would not scratch the entire line off over 1 tin. SG makes the line, they are a very good manufacturer IMO.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @J_S I also got in my order my first tin of SG, the Blue Crest. I've been vearing more in the direction of natural tobaccos, and for me the Crest was an instant snuffgasm. It's encouraging that they're behind the SS line. I wasn't aware of that. Black Magic is a natural tobacco too, right?
  • J_SJ_S Member
    edited April 2015 PM
    @Hitsuzen Yes, Black Magic is a natural tobacco as well. I am very new to snuff but I get old leather and the old black top road oil (in a good way) from it. But really just a very good dark tobacco so the sent is only from the tobacco. It has some nic. in it too, enough that when I am feeling low it is a go to blend for me. Several say that it is exactly the same as Viking Dark (also made by SG), if that helps. I have a tin of VD as well and will be seeing for myself soon.
  • I don't know what they are using as a scenting system. I do know from experience that coffee is a flat bitch to capture for snuff scenting. It's a very complicated process and the scents and flavors are volatile as hell...they get a "stale" scent very quickly when exposed to air and start to smell like coffee left on the warmer to long. The back drip is going to be bitter...that is inherent in black coffee and the only way to mitigate it is with cream and sugar :)
  • I'm pretty sure there's more to this one than coffee and tobacco. It's not bad but not my favorite coffee snuff, it's a little too rich for me, great as a dessert snuff but not something I feel like using in the morning like I would with a great coffee snuff.
  • There's usually additional condimental scents added to snuffs that feature a prominent scent, but not always. I detect a hint of vanilla buried deeply in the tobacco. It may be the base flour has "too much" personality of its own to support the additional scent without taking over. I can't say with this one because I haven't seen the recipe. I can only speculate based on what I sense and experience with truly great coffee snuffs like the old G. Smith & Sons Cafe Royal.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @chefdaniel yes, I understand, but to me this does not taste like "burned" coffee/coffee grinds, or present with the bitterness of black coffee... the actual coffee flavor present was identical to an artificial, glycol based flavor concentrate I used to use when I was mixing my eliquids. Just the same, maybe I got an old tin. Although... as tightly vacuum sealed those tins are, it would have to be REALLY old.
  • This and SG Black Coffee (which may or may not be the same, some noses seem to detect differences) are my favourite snuffs and are, to me, the most accurate plain coffee scented snuff.
    You're right on the glycol though, Bob Gregory himself told me they use the food grade version in the recipe.
  • Given the information from @HR_pufnsnuff it could very well be something similar to the e-liquid you mention @Hitsuzen. I like both for what they are.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @chefdaniel (and everyone on this thread), I am of the opinion that if you like it, you should use it! I personally don't much care for it, but noses vary. That's why there's such a wealth of options out there for us to choose from :-) My desire here was not to badmouth the stuff. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy in making that connection!
  • @Hitsuzen I'm sorry if I came off as a know-it-all or that I took your comment in any negative way. I think you put it quite well in your post. Sometimes the written/typed word can come across differently than the spoken word.

    I don't think you badmouthed the snuff at all. You shared your opinion quite articulately and you're not at all crazy for the connection. There are snuffs out there that I could swear were e-liquid scented and some seem loaded with PG. I've never given vaping a serious try so I'm again just going with the information out there and my limited experience. One of the turn offs for me was that the e-liquids I tried seemed to be the work of a scientist in the a "Young Frankenstein" sort of way.

    Cheers and Happy Easter!
  • I read the original post as an opinion, and nothing more.

    I have to say though, that I suspect SG Black Coffee snuff has been around a lot longer than E cigs, so we should say they're the ones copying the snuffmakers!
  • @Hitsuzen I wouldn't be surprised to find that a SG snuff hasn't aged well. It's not impossible (just highly unlikely) that the seal was compromised. It happened with a tin of Viking Dark I had a while back: some big lump of clustered tobacco particles managed to get between the seal and the tin, causing the seal to be compromised... and while the snuff was still fresh, moist and tasty, its taste differed markedly from the other tins of the same batch I've ordered. Or it could be that my nose tricked me, but I (of course, without any other judgement to contrast) believe my memories to be right.
    Anyway, I haven't tried the snuff in question, but with many other snuffs that are little talked about I find my opinion to differ greatly from the most widespread ones, and that's the beauty of any aesthetic appreciation hobby! Elmo's Reserve is the main example on my list: most people doesn't have anything but praise for it, but my impressions of it are very similar to yours of Cafe Noir. The texture didn't do the trick for me, and the flavor stroke me as excessive, carelessly one dimensional. Very similar to that of real tonka bean, though the manufacturers admitted it was artificial to one member here...
    That takes me to another major point I'd like to defend: SG uses at least one artifficial flavor, so I wouldn't be surprised to find that they use more. That's one of the reasons why I stick to traditional and unscented snuffs, though if I really liked one scented snuff the fact that it's artificially scented wouldn't put me off.

    Off topic: I've never ordered a slide tap box from SG, but if a small crack in the thermic seal can alter the flavor of a natural snuff in a noticeable way, I don't want to know the monster that may lie inside of one of those dreaded things if the content was originally scented... :-&
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Okay, so it's been an interesting journeywith this stuff. I tried to send my tin out to someone, and it came back to me as "undeliverable" (wrong ZIP maybe). I've had a few more pinches over the course of time, and it's starting to really grow on me. It will never be an every day for me, but for what it is, it makes a great routine breaker. I'm thinking I was much too hasty trying to judge it by first impressions, and feel like a jerk for doing it. Therefore, I hereby bump this thread to publicly apologize for publicly slamming Cafe Noire X_X
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    SS cafe noire appears to be a very smoky and dark tobacco with a subtle but clear coffee scent. The grind can be a little irritating in the nose, but the delicious tobacco makes up for it.

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