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Smoking pipe tobacco like RYO

i have smoked pipes15-20 years ago but it was hard to carry the accessories. Then i began to roll the pipe tobacco on cigarette papers. By this way it took less time and it was easy to keep lit. Today i bought Mc Barens 7 seas gold pipe tobacco, a mouthpiece/cigarette holder and a pack of cigarette paper. I rolled my pipe tobacco and enjoyed the taste of tobacco. It was as great as 15 years ago. As usual people tried to find the source of smell :)


  • I roll Prince Albert and Dark Bird's Eye with great success. The aromatics and such need to be dried very well in my expierence otherwise the papers seemed to become very wet.
  • It sounds very strange to me to do that. :-/
  • i roll it to 2 cigarette papers to make it thick and tight. If i don't smoke it regularly it goes, so around 20-30 seconds a puff just to keep it lit. By this way paper doesn't get wet and i can enjoy smoking it around 30-40 minutes.
  • I used to put a few strands of good dunhill tobacco like my mixture and mix it with regular ryo tobacco makes for a nice smoke and burns like a normal ciggy
  • I just like it in my pipes. I quit the cigarettes. And there is no turning back. AMEN
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I just like it in my pipes. I quit the cigarettes. And there is no turning back. AMEN
    yes, so i bought a meerschaum pipe

  • just forget about this topic. Nothing come close to a real pipe.
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