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Good Read on Snuff and Tobacco

MattMatt Member
edited July 2008 in General
historical anti-tobacco. Didn't change my mind! Good read though for sure.


  • Damn, and I thought the tobacco laws nowadays where horrible. At least I am not at risk of being quartered for smoking!

    Whenever the Sultan went on his travels or on a military expedition his halting-places were always distinguished by a terrible increase in the number of executions. Even on the battlefield he was fond of surprising men in the act of smoking, when be would punish them by beheading, hanging, quartering, or crushing their hands and feet and leaving them helpless between the lines. . . . Nevertheless, in spite of all the horrors of this persecution and the insane cruelties inflicted by the Sultan, whose blood-lust seemed to increase with age, the passion for smoking still persisted. . . . Even the fear of death was of no avail with the passionate devotees of the habit. 19

  • KimKim Member
    He was no joke! The Sultan seem like he was getting off on catching the guys and killing them.
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