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Wilsons of Sharrow Vanilla

Medium grind, medium moisture. The tin note of vanilla is only slightly present, the excellent scent of base tobacco leads the way. In the nose, the mellow vanilla scent becomes stronger, but only for a short amount of time. After that, it settles in the background, letting you smell the base tobacco.
I was snuffing it today while I was sitting outside with my friend and something delightful happened. The find was gently blowing towards me in short intervals. Each time I breathed in through my nose, the stronger vanilla scent came back. It smelled exactly like someone was sitting near us, smoking a nice vanilla flavored tobacco in a pipe.

If you're looking for vanilla scent that will kick you in your head yelling "here's vanilla!", this is not the snuff for you. But if you like a gentle, mellow flavor that stays in your nose for a long time, albeit behind the smell of the base tobacco, get a tin. You'll love it.

Medium-low nicotine level.


  • Vanilla candle in the room burning is enuf for me. Works for some snuffs I use but not really stuck to my nose hairs. IMO.
  • bobbob Member
    Worst tin smell from any Wilsons snuff. Very different then in the nose. I find it mixes great with their apricot snuff too.
  • @bob is the apricot still available ?
  • Sadly now obsolete as is the Vanilla Ice. I got a few tins from "My Smoking Shop" - he might have some left.
  • No. Looks like he's none left.
  • bobbob Member
    sure any other apricot would work well too.
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