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anyone knows of German online stores with worldwide shipping?


I would appreciate if someone can recommend me a German online store with worldwide shipping (I live in Guatemala). Or another store besides the ones in the UK?.

I used to order with, but their webpage has been down for almost a month!, so I guess they're not coming back. Such a shame because they provided a great service.

I ask for a Non-UK store because, sadly their shipments cost are so expensive!, almost 30 usd just for a tracking number. That's why I'm searching for alternatives :).

Thanks for the help!.


  • I just looked up & , looks like they both only deliver within Europe. The shop of snuff-and-more says worldwide shipping, but Guatemala and many other countries are excluded.
    Maybe you should send them an email and ask if it's possible.
  • I'll send them an email, those 2 seems like the most popular options. Thanks!.
  • Just for future refence of anyone that visits this site and it's in a similar situation as I am right now. doesn't ship to Non-EU, here's the response in German.
    Hallo Herr ,

    vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.

    Leider versenden wir nicht in Nicht-EU-Länder wie Guatemala.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    vom SnuffStore-Team
    and the translation is that. "we do not ship to non-EU countries such as Guatemala.". I'm still waiting for the response.

    Well, all of this in case anyone was interested :).

    Regards to all!.
  • Dude - try the Northerner - check the link:


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