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NB Madras Question

HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
Okay, so... I was able to come across a tin of NB Madras about a month ago. I loved it! So much, in fact, that I have made it a point to ration its use, as I understand it is impossible to get anymore outside of making a trade of some kind with someone who has extra. Any-hoo, the way it comes in the tin, it's packed in quite tightly, so I took out about half of it and decanted it in a jar for easier pinching. Since doing that, over the course of the last month or so, I have noticed a slight change in the taste, or more aptly, in the aftertaste. It's hard to describe. Not exactly unpleasant. I actually still love it. My concern is more along the lines of health. Madras is made by frying the tobacco in ghee, right? And ghee can spoil. Is that why they pack it so tightly into the tins? Did I ruin half a tin of this delicious nutty buttery savory treat by breaking it up into a jar? I still like it, I just have concerns about snuffing a food product that I may have let go bad. Any feedback greatly appreciated :-)


  • Yep ,you should just send it to me; I will dispose of it properly up my nose. =))
    I have madras NC ,TPS, several years old. I had no ill effects. :-B
    I believe it is toasted also,but don't quote me on that. My mind is a terrible thing
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Yeah, you can send me whatever b_s doesn't get...and like he says..its fine after even years. I have about 1/3 of a tin of the famous NB Madras, several years old. Its just fine. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that it actually improves with age. Its got to be toasted for sure. Its great snuff and it isn't going bad on you.
  • Okay, I thought they had the NB, but they have a NC and a TAS... not sure what the difference is. I have the NC, I ordered a case and have been trying to give it to friends. Anyway, other than the shipping is kind of high, you get A LOT of tobacco in a case. I however am not sure how much I care for the NC, its unique, and a pic me upper, but not really a daily thing. Pretty sure one tin will last until I die. Heres a link to some Madras though.
  • On a whim I dropped by the local Indian Grocery to see if they had any snuff. The only thing they had just happened to be TAS Madras. I am not getting the butter/toasted effect. It is actually a lot like Sparrow with the hay scent more muted. It is nice, spicy, and strong as a mule.

    Anyone know how this compares to the fabled NB.........BTW who makes NB and is it still in production?
  • SnifsSnifs Member
    OK after spending a little time with is incredible

    There are the Indian spices but they are well behaved........then there is a deep toasted stout as any American Scotch........but without the BBQ (like they used oak not hickory to toast it).........then there is the nicotine......I seldom feel snuff......this one I feel.......This could quickly become a top shelf go to snuff for me

    Anyway....check out your local Indian Grocery and see what they have.........for me it was a trip well worth it
  • SnifsSnifs Member
    @MrSnuff- David, I would look into stocking these if possible. If the other two are like this one.......they would be well worth making available
  • @Snifs I agree, very hard to find,, sure there is a market for stocking a variety of madras snuffs (NB, TPS, Dholakia) @MrSnuff ?
  • @basement_shaman - The NB Madras is one the finest Madras style plain tobacco snuffs I've had and have no means of acquiring another tin, which is sad. I wonder if the company still makes them. I'll try to find out and report.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @newbiesnuffer PM me, we have a group buy in the works.
  • @hitsuzen if you have access to NB Madras count me in! I still have about 5 grams i use sparingly.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    a selection of Madras snuffs procured and on the way. NC, SS, SSS and one other I can't remember the name of.

    Watch this space.

  • I presume that ? snuff isn't old stock NB, or could it be aka one of the "s" ones badged now?

    I hope so.!?
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Sorry, completely brainfarted there. TPS, a TPS group buy. @franko954 I think I sent the last of my NB to you. Gosh, was that back in the summer of 2015?
  • Slightly off topic, anybody tried DS Madras snuff? That's the largest selling Madras snuff in Tamilnadu. Chennai (formerly Madras) is the capital city of Tamilnadu state. Though I sorely miss TAS, DS is my everyday snuff. Awesome tobacco flavour with nutty undertones. It will wake you up with its good burn and nicotine. The backdrip is nice and salty.

    Have tasted NB long time back. Don't remember the taste much. But @newbiesnuffer has promised a tin, perhaps the last one available. 
  • @Gokul - yup, it's with me to be sent to you :) trying to source more but no one seems to have it.
  • mecompcomecompco Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    @newbiesnuffer, if you find any, let me know! I tried contacting the company without success. If anyone wants to try, here is the info on the box my kilo of NB came in:

    N. Boothpathy Son,
    27, G.N.T. Road,
    Chennai -118.

    Phone: 044-25580902

    The box is date stamped October 2013
    Hand-crafted pens and other
  • @mrsnuff, excellent! NC is great, quite a powerhouse, like most Madras snuffs. I just got some Taxi Red from you, and I tried it after another Madras, called Umbrella snuff. The Taxi wasn't bad, but I thought the Madras had much more kick in terms of nicotine. I recommend everyone to try as many different Madras snuffs as you can get your hands on.
  • @hitsuzen Sorry for the very late reply. Its been crazy, yea it was back in 2015 or so I have about 4 grams left I use it very sparingly.
  • @mecompco - Sure will let you know. The last tin I could procure, I sent to Gokul.
  • @MrSnuff Any progress on procuring madras snuffs?
  • @Amanda, had these Madras snuffs reached MrSnuff's warehouse eventually? Or were they lost in customs?
  • @volunge Hi, thanks for your inquiry! Madras snuff is yet to reach the warehouse. We're trying to get the hold of it. Will keep you posted when it does.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
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