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Toque Silver Dollar Cinnamon

I got this tin as one to try in my last order, and although its very nice, I have to say that I cannot really distinguish it from Toque Christmas pudding? Both strong on clove ? (oddly little or no cinnamon flavor in the cinnamon snuff which is odd for a Toque flavor) Is it the same @roderic ? If so are any others relabeled for a different market , just so I don't double up my stock :)


  • It's Toque, I'd triple my stock. They're that good.
  • I've just had a pinch of both and I can see where you are coming from as they are a little similar is spiciness. I just don't get clove in the cinnamon? Maybe this is because I know it's not there and my mind isn't tricking me into thinking it is. There's a ton of clove in the Christmas Pudding as well as a hint of cinnamon.
  • Derek_007Derek_007 Member
    edited April 2015 PM
    :) Thanks roderick .. either way dam fine snuff as usual ... @Roderick I can send a sample back if you wish? (sorry i decant to jars so don't have in the tin) this is almost surely Christmas pudding and high on cloves ? is it possible it was mis packaged ? given as there is no clove in the cinnamon snuff, this is high in it ?
  • Even better, I'll send you a new cinnamon.
  • most kind sir :) <-- this is what i call customer service ..
  • Sorry.. meant to post this earlier //

    True to his word within a couple of days a package from Toque Towers arrived .. Inside was the "Toque DIY told you so kit" :)
    So without further a do, I sat down with a fresh tin of cinnamon and a fresh tin of Christmas pudding ... Needless to say.. just as @Roderick pointed out .. these are similar, in that they are both a warm spicy snuff. but cinnamon is cinnamon.. Christmas pudding is ... well all sorts of nice things .. bit has the clove // the cinnamon snuff is not the rather bland ground spice you may have had in the cupboard for two long.. grab a couple of fresh cinnamon sticks, break them up and get the aroma.. this is the fresh cinnamon used by Torque.. Warm but punchy... many thanks Roderick .. apologies i even doubted you ^:)^
  • Thanks Derek,
    It takes a very big man to say he's wrong. I just wish the world had more men like you. ;) Actually, I really do wish the world had more men willing to admit they were wrong. Just think how great it would be.
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