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Pöschl Packard's Club

It comes in a tapbox with an unique dispenser. I think it will take some time for me to get used to it, but it's an interesting idea. The snuff itself is, like every other Pöschl, mentholated and very easy to take. It has some berry and maybe cherry scents in it. Besides that, there is something spicy and musky going in there. It reminds me of an aftershave, but in a good way. It doesn't have a sickly soapy smell, it's just refreshing. Medium nicotine content. Great stuff.


  • I like the dose dispenser, although it is tricky sometimes depending on humidity. Poschl do have an interesting variety of boxes
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  • I love Pöschl and Bernard boxes because of their variety of styles (this goes for Pöschl) and images.
  • I like the dispenser and the snuff, as Jernej says, it's very refreshing, I get a kind of citrussy / cologne sense from it which is very uplifting.
  • Love the dispenser for HDT, but could live without the club snuff. IMO.
  • It's been a long while for me but as I recall Packard's Club upon first sniff reminded me of the smell in the Barbour Shop my Dad use to take me to when I was a kid. Yet again the power of a scent to bring back memories...pretty cool!
  • One of my first snuffs. Not bad at all.
  • I misplaced my tin. It's killing me. May have to make an unplanned Mr Snuff order. Happy to see a few more Poschls up there now that I haven't tried yet too.

    Unlike with most other Poschl snuffs the Packard's Club opens my nose just like 6P Cheeta. My wife's not crazy about it but I like the bouquet of perfumes
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited March 12 PM
    Really fancy drawer in this snuffbox. You slide it out and tap out the funny cube block of snuff. Suprisingly, due to well known moisture of Poschls products, it holds together tightly in this form! I believe I could build a lil castle with those snuff cubes..

    As for the flavours, the rose is kind of sweet, menthol not too strong. The backdrip should be avoided tho. Good occasional stuff. I would buy it for the sake of having such unique container.
  • Packards Club has a kind of Cologne vibe IMO. The dispenser is cool and a neat slick design that dispenses a square of baccy. Have almost finished mine and is on its last leg, but dang if I didn't forget to throw one in the cart with my most recent order that should be arriving sometime soon.
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