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The Gardening Thread



  • I got loads of tomatoes on one plant and they are taking forever to get ripe. may have to pick a few and brown bag them.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • What I should have done was have 1 plant each of different varieties that ripen at different times. Just about everyone in this town all has tomatoes too, so I can't give away surplus, so I have to can or freeze. I like tomatoes, but I also know they are chock full of highly inflammatory agents, implicated in arthritis among other things. Probably part of the reason they were traditionally considered poisonous - they actually are, since the root of many diseases is inflammation. Thank goodness for the anti-inflammatory properties of tobacco. Every year my wife and I say we're not going to plant tomatoes anymore, yet every spring our seedling trays seem to be full of tomatoes.

  • Picked a pepper to try .It was a bubblegum super hot. not quite ripe but tasted good and set my mouth on fire. much hotter than any scotch bonnet or habanero I had eating in the past. These tasty peppers with make some awesome hot sauce to keep me sweating when the temperature gets cool. I also have chocolate Habanero planted right next to it . It will be interesting when I plant seeds next season to see what kind of peppers it will produce.These bubble gum look like scorpion peppers. i just have to remember to wear gloves while handling them. The bush is loaded with pods so a good harvest is in store.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I just topped my tobacco plants. They really took off - I'm 6' tall and couldn't reach the top of the flower heads on the tallest ones. Now I have to be vigilant with the suckering.
  • Klip dagga about to flower--thanks for the seeds, basement_shaman. Picked some sweet red peppers, bush beans and squash and cukes still coming on strong despite the helpful deer's fastidious pruning. Pole beans are luxuriant but just beginning to flower, tomatoes growing like gangbusters but still green; I think the soil is too nitrogen rich, too much compost I guess, next year I'll go easier on it. Peaches starting to ripen, plums just about gone, been a good year for them despite the orioles, squirrels, and cat birds feasting on them. LIfe is good. I figure, at 66 I've got another 14 years of gardens and already looking forward to next years'.
  • Major pear bounty this year. Branches are snapping off from the heavenly rain with fruit load to high in limbs that have been over due for trim in last few years.63 days without rain and hot weather has produced the most pears of my ancient tree in probably 20 years! Maybe will be making some wine this fall.
  • All my fruit pears apples peaches all out produced this year and the strangest thing was I didn't find any worms in any of the fruit. also this was the first year for my hybrid hazelnut bush produced, I only got about ten nuts but it 's a start.I seen about a half dozen japanese beetles on them but they only damaged two leafs.I picked black walnuts early to make BW tincture and the first batch is done. I see they been falling all over the road but mine are still holding fast. I still have to pick the white flesh peaches they grow on a dwarf red leaf tree.They are small but very tasty.Picked the majority of my hot peppers still in the process of bottling sauce. my tomatoes have been done for about two week now all except the grape tomatoes that are thick skin and meaty the keep a long time and great for snacking. turnups are still growing I been harvesting the larger ones as needed for soups and been frying them diced  like potatoes.Red beets grew too big so I just been using the leafs. let some radishes go to seed and the pods are dry now so plenty for next season. My tobacco plants never really took off and had not flowered I have three plants that look like romaine lettuce.I have not dug up my potatoes as yet. but I no longer consume them so no biggy.Finally got some rain last night the grass was getting crispy. I have a few days of pruning privet hedges and plan on burning .never a good idea with a yard of dry grass.   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Finally getting some rain again after a couple months of way-below-average rainfall, so the grass is coming back to life, along with the weeds in the garden. Fortunately the temps have improved, so I've been out mowing and pulling weeds.

    Started harvesting leaves off the tobacco plants. Cured enough hands to make 3 twists so far, and it looks like there will be a lot more before the season ends. Also a bazillion seeds, since the plants weren't topped. They are Virginia Brights, and doing quite well here in the tobacco belt (8' tall!)

  • ^Like

    Stalk hung my Del Gold Virginia plants and primed a bunch of Burley over the last couple of days. Have to finish the burley soon before the weather turns against me.
  • It official we skipped a few weeks ,I picked Daffodils today. Time to get the peas in the earth. I tilled up a patch of garden late in the day. Hell it hit 70  and I felt like bursting into flames. I think it going to be a great year for crops again. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • First genuinely warm day of the season, and it looks like the nice weather will be sticking around awhile. Was out all day doing yard cleanup, bringing the porch furniture out of storage, even mowed a little grass. Planning to turn another big section of lawn into a garden, approximately 30x40' for annual veggie-type stuff. The older garden plot will be for perennials and herbs.

    Additionally, there's going to be a big patch of N. rustica planted this year.

  • Saw a red winged blackbird yesterday, a couple of Canada geese and the first crocus today. Tomorrow I'm getting the mulch off the raised beds in the garden, spring is right around the corner. Spent half the day raking branches off the lawn, a stogie for company, felt good to be outdoors and not shoveling snow.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I've got an nice size avocado tree,banana trees(2), lilikoi Vine,eggplant,couple tomato plants.And I can't forget my prized Pakalolo plants(7) it's all legal I grow for my dad who has cancer and me :D I got the licence and paper's.
    But I always wanted to grow tobacco can someone tell me a good place to go and also what kinds of strains is good.and I always wanted to grow some Rustica too.
  • About six years ago I got some tobacco seeds from a well known internet auction site. The six plants I had grew like mad and were truly a sight to behold. When the leaves of the mature plants started to yellow I didn't have much of a clue what to do, but they ended up strung up all over the house to dry. To cut a long story short it all went wrong and all I got was a huge bag of something resembling brown, ultra dry, thin and fragile paper. Maybe try again when I retire. The garden now is basically a quarter acre wilderness with apple and pear trees dotted around.
  • Planted 10 Norway Spruce and a Magnolia today, plus cleared away a big mess of Rose of Sharon saplings that were growing against the side of my garage, smothering some Peonies that were trying to come up.

    Next in line for planting: 9 Forsythia (3 large 7' and 6 smaller 3' bushes) plus 3 Green Giant Thuja trees. Time permitting I've got several blueberries to plant as well. After that, I've got 480 sq ft of sod to lay.

  • I've never been big on gardening ( time, or lack of ) but it's looking like 2/3 of my garden is gonna be built upon. Oh well. Only things I'm growing this year are six Komodo Dragon chilli plants and my long-established First Gold hop plant, which provides the goods for a big proportion of my annual beer output.
  • Winter is being stubborn and hanging on here. We had snow, sleet and freezing rain yesterday so it's hard for me to get into the gardening spirit yet. The forecast for next weekend looks much better - sunny and high temps of 16-18C. I'll be growing vegetables in my large plot where I grew my Burley and Virginia last year. I have a small plot where I am going to attempt to grow Prilep again. I had a hard time getting it started last year, hopefully a change in starter soil will make the difference this year. 
  • chuck lied
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Sill trying to get an educated guess going on a good time to get seed in the ground, but this year I'm growing some peppers (Chocolate Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, and 7 Pot Bubble Gum), some tobacco (Del Gold), some Spinach, maybe an herb patch, and strawberries. Also starting a Japanese Maple, which I plan to Bonzai, a variety of Daylillies, and some climbers and fountain grass. First spring at the new house, so I'm going all out B-)
  • Getting ready to plant as the snow slowly melts. Squash, cilantro, poppies, Hopi Rustica tobacco, outdoor friendly marijuana(Colorado, so it's okay), raspberries, green beans, cherry tomatoes.
  • Decided to lay the sod before planting the rest of the trees. Wanted to sod to be as fresh as possible when it goes down, for a better chance. Had to break up the soil beneath, as it was extremely compacted. Grueling work. Might need a few beers when I'm done.

  • First harvest of the year. 20160503_132122
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • MouseMouse Member
    Nice radishes. Do you eat the leaves, too?

    Just finished planting a Bartlett pear tree and picking spinach for a salad. 
  • Just got some bedding plants in a couple of weeks later than I wanted to: habanero, jalapeno, sweet green peppers. Broccoli, kale, and cherry tomatoes. Will sow some swiss chard and spinach seeds tomorrow.
  • i'm growing just tobacco this year, and the obligatory tomatoes.

    I do eat a lot of garden greens though, but I dont plant them, lambs quarters, amaranth and the like.
  • I'm growing some Komodo Dragon chillis ( nuclear strength!) this year. The flower buds have emerged and are a week or so away from opening. However, I can tell from past experience with other varieties that many of the flowers will fall off before fruiting by the spindly, 'pinched' appearance of the stem base. Anyone know what causes this and if it can be remedied? Thanks!
  • Harvest beet tops and Plantain herb. added some herb to a beef stew the beet tops are for tomorrows lunch  20160628_191727
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @Mouse,thanks for that. Seems like a temp fluctuation problem, going to take me a while to remedy that. OT but on this day forty years ago the temp here in the UK was in the mid-thirties celsius, in stark contrast to today's mid-teens. Ah the legendary summer of '76 - I'm old enough to remember it well.
  • Have not been up to current comments as of late. My rustica tobacco plants are being devoured. Small holes and big chunks just gone. All this in the last week. They are in pots on my deck. Are the bugs at night?? Going to cover with thin tight weave netting asap as they will not last till harvesting. Any comments are much appreciated.
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