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The Gardening Thread



  • Had to protect my ever bearing strawberry plant from the deer and or rabbits also hungry birds. the sting beans are flowering won't be long now, and the Pennsylvania Butter cup winter squash are coming along nicely. I have 5 nice sized ones I can see. I may plant a half acre next year if I am still on this side of the turf.  20170708_080645
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  • @haemony Chicken love ticks ,so you probably haven't noticed many. I was pulling 3 to 4 off me daily earlier this year. I need to get some new hens. may be next year. Did I send you Klip Dagga seeds? 
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  • haemonyhaemony Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    I have not seen a tick for years. I use to get them all over me back in Plymouth but I couldn't let my chickens range there. They were locked up in a pen. They range around here and clean up the bugs and weed seeds. I love keeping hens. So entertaining and surprisingly helpful.

    I got Yopo seeds from you but not Klip Dagga. What are they?
  • @haemony They grow quite tall. and get a spear of redish orange flowers the size of honey suckles. When smoked they give a sight pleasant effect. You can also concentrate the plant matter and flowers into a black tar to add to a smoking salad.
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  • Those are fantastically weird looking plants and they are my favorite color. How do you concentrate them?
  • @haemony PM sent
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  • @basement_shaman my dad has an old wine barrel with a bunch of holes in the side that's filled with dirt and he grows strawberries out of all the holes, he too has to put a mist net around it or the birds rape him blind the instant they ripen. 

  • @n9inchnails I never had a homegrown blueberry  all the animals come and forage . If I wasn't dying I build a 10X40 Garden and wrap it with hardware cloth to grow all the berries Blue,Black Rasp,and Straw. At the price of some of these berries the structure would pay for it self. One of many Raspberry stripped before they even ripen. All Squirrels must die! vermin eat all my pears before they are 1 1/2" big  20170708_084824
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  • jbrentonivjbrentoniv Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    I've been too busy - and lethargic - and lazy - to tend to my garden in a while but we try to do watermelons every year.  If they aren't rotted out or eaten by the time they mature, good gravy they are the best watermelons you ever had.

    I decided to get back to it yesterday and while I was turning over the soil I found a massive grub.  I went and grabbed my fishing pole and I swear it must have caught the attention of a monster catfish.  Had me going for a good minute before the line snapped.

  • @jbrentoniv Garden soil has the best bait. Now I want to go monster catfish wrestling. I was out one day and was using sunfish as bait. I had dropped a slice on the bank and a steel head walked out to get it. Mind Blown ! It was a great evening I dragged in a 4 ft eel from the river; That was so fun. He and I were worn out after a 10 minute fight , seemed more like an hour.
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  • I'm growing Rustica, but it's not doing very well. Cilantro, snow peas, and a couple marijuana plants as well since it's legal where I live.
  • I'm having the best luck with Rustica this season. My Mammoth and Monte Calme Yellow (burley) are doing very well also. Some Pennbel 09 are trying as are the Havana.
    Blueberries, Raspberry and radishes are gangbusters!!
  • i created this meme but it was a zillon characters long and wouldn't load. So you get a crappy screen shot instead. Stupid Vanilla 20170723_171544
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  • Vary wary of these pests! Almost everything I grow is in pots. And off the ground. To many years of lost effort. (except beer hops). Even my pot grows in a pot.
  • So slow this season with all the varieties I tried to grow this year.IMG_20170725_205426
  • Haven't had to go far but ass kick'n splitt'n for the quality firewood that will last for a long time to come!!!


    Shorts and tank top all winter.
  • You go @nicmizer The extra will supply you with all your tobacco needs also. Sell some!

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  • Planted Black Pearls for the first time growing Bubblegum 7 pot hot again too .  20170805_180142
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  • Hornworms are the devil. My chickens love them.
  • This how they look now at almost a month later from last photos.




    Mostly all Burly as the Virginian never took to good this season. Rustica in the background.
  • Small harvest some butter cup squash , Spaghetti squash, Yellow & Red  toms. red chilis and scotch bonnets, Lops and the first peaches , more to pick and process. 20170817_153313
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  • Nice harvest, Shamen. Disability has stopped my activities (ironic, since I started this thread :( ). I'm now limited to the chillies and thyme on the windowsill, and the stuff left in the garden that looks after itself - blackberries, apples, figs, and daylillies.
  • Great thread and pics!

    We just pulled about 20 Okra and 6 Cucumbers from the garden and pickled them.

    The peppers are flowering now and should be quite hot this year thanks to the weather.

    Tomatoes are in the second round and going crazy!

    Lettuces, Cauliflower and garlic going in the ground later this month.

  • Canning and a basket full  Still more to harvast and more things to save for later. 20170825_090139 (1)
    20170827_123627 (1)
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • edited September 2017 PM
    5th yr growing bubblegum hots & Scotch Bonnets , Got me a cross The bonnets didn't produce many pods about 20 and the plant is less than 2 ft tall , the bubblegum and the cross are about 4.5 ft high and have easily over 100 on each plant. I am eating the cross now the flesh has very little heat the seeds are hot as hell. I can't eat the bubblegum at all. They burn the flesh just picking them. 20170905_134531Jarred up more stuff . 20170905_130457
    20170904_173505 (1)
    20170904_104014And having some chilled apple butter with cottage cheese and peaches on the side. Garden is a ton of work . But well worth eating fresh picked. 20170902_131612Small white flesh peaches and some black walnuts.20170902_131944Just a few apples. many more to pick and do something with? great year for my garden.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Despite me being unable to tend to my plants, I still have some apples ripening on one of the trees, and the fig has formed fruit for the first time in 5 years. I'l not had a single fig to eat from it yet. They are not ripening though, and a few days after one starts turning brown it drops prematurely from the tree. I would be surprised if any ripen this year, but there are tiny figs forming for next year.
  • More garden pics. Hope next year is just as good !20170905_141908
    20170905_141945 (1)
    20170905_142509 (1)
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Fantastic garden pics Joe. I am intrigued by the Bubblegum/Scotch Bonnet cross. Would that be a good pepper to dehydrate for crushed/flaked pepper to add in recipes?

  • @cpmcdill The SHU  is still up there close to 3/4 of a million. The bubblegum is 1.2 million. I'll post seeds when I dry some, send some flakes separate so you can try. You need to start these as early as thanks given . Dig them up at end of season bring indoors and plant again every year: with the right light and heat they will fruit several times during the winter. just keep trimming and shaping for bushy plants. Clones take 3 months to root if you want  multiple new plants that haven't been crossed . I like to try a cross with a low SHU pepper to reduce the heat to 1/4 million. possibly a banana pepper so I get a long hot meaty fruit. The Black pearls are 300000 but the size of shooting marbles and marbles ,mostly seeds, thin flesh. Tried one yesterday plenty of heat .
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Picked the last of the Macintosh apple and some of the ripe Bubble gum hots just 117 so far, more on the bush.  20170911_143704
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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