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toque original

for the rest of my reviews from this point on im going to say that my nose is messed up so my review may be skewd it seems to be the standard toque grind and moisture. i get the nice toque base tobacco smell from it kind of nutty with a bit of a leathery smell im puzzled though on mr snuff it shows this having flowers on the icon so i dont know if its supposed to have a flowery scent to it or not. its a little more difficult to take than a wilson's snuff. the scent comes in strong but after a minute it fades to being almost being very very faint. the nicotine level in this is a little bit above medium. again if you all smell anything other than a base tobacco sent let me know so i can see how bad my nose is off


  • I'm pretty sure it's an SP style snuff, with small amounts of bergamot. I like their SP Extra more, but still think it's a decent snuff. Good all day snuff for sure. 
  • ^^^Bergamot would be the only flower I detected when I had it in stock, though bergamot is more citrus than floral. The picture on MrSnuff clearly shows a bouquet of roses.
  • edited December 2016 PM
    Toque Original is definitely scented (lightly) with bergamot like most other SP's. The scent is lost however if you don't air out the ammonia from being so fresh. Either way, like all of @Roderick's offerings it is naturally scented and the fragrance does not overstay it's welcome, making it (IMHO) a perfect all day go-to snuff.
  • This is one of the Toques that I haven't tried yet. Possibly simply because the name "original" kind of gets lost amongst the myriad of appealing flavours. Besides which, if I want an all day traditionally scented snuff from Toque, I'll just reach for the Berwick Brown
  • i think its scent is like half spanish gem and half sp extra (unless im confusing it with Quit. im out of both)
  • Its a pretty mild SP. I have to try to notice the scent, but its still a great snuff. I enjoy it when I want something a little on the plain side of SP.
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