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MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
Hello fellow snuffers:

it looks like we may have solved the two major issues in bringing back snuffhouse:

1. restored all the previous threads. Big relief, I would have hated to have lost 9 years worth of combined wisdom and fun.

2. all the members from .org have been restored. You should be able to log in with the same username and password that you last used on the .org site. If you can't then any of the mods will be able to force a password rest and you will receive an email with instructions or a link (I hope).

I have a question: the major tables have been restored (as described above). We could try to restore some of the other tables (like points, or badges or whatever) but we are reluctant to do so in case we miss some sort of interrelated file and end up messing up what we have managed to do so far. However if you feel that we have not restored something that is important to the community and is worth the risk, then let us know and we can take a stab at it.




  • I found the like/agree/insightful buttons quite useful, and also the ability to quote in comments. I know there's a way to compose a quote within the comment box (copy/paste/insert quote tags etc) but a quote button on each comment makes it easier. If there's a danger of breaking the site though, I guess we'll just have to do without, though it will be missed (same with points).

    I don't know if it's a browser issue or what (fully up-to-date Firefox), but the page does not resize to my screen width. I have to left/right scroll to read posts. If the page does have a set width, I'd imagine it's much worse for those viewing it on a smaller device.

  • I'd agree with @cpmcdill - except there's no button for that!!! =)) On the plus side; these emoticons are loads better! It does feel like coming home its true; kudos to Dave and his team for the rescue of some much invaluable information for the global snuff taking community - Excellent job =D> =D> =D>
  • In connection with the 'buttons' thing the status and signature portion of the posting on the Pro-Boards platform was rather nice too.  
  • Last one I promise!! The previous ability to edit posts would be a real boon, also there doesn't currently seem to be a way to attach a file [image or otherwise] to a thread 
  • Great to see the site working again. Personally, I don't use emoticons, and cpmcdill noted, the page size is a little off, requiring left and right sliding. This is my first visit, so I'm sure others will weigh in about site problems. Its mostly just fine, and I'm glad you're up and running. Great job.
  • I made it back from the internet wasteland. I agree, buttons and quotes would be swell.
  • SnifsSnifs Member
    log in worked for me.

  • chrischris Member
    edited July 2015 PM
    I agree with all of the above - particularly thanks to the team who have resurrected this site.

    I am not bothered about badges, or point, or my old private messages and risking the stability of the site just to bring those back would not make sense.

    However the like / agree / insightful buttons were rather good and I missed those on the Proboards site.

    As others have mentioned the pages do not resize and I have checked this on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera but that is just a minor irritation.

    Above all I am thankful that all of the accumulated wisdom of the forum has not been lost so - once again - many thanks for that.

    P.S @MisterPaul - the Edit function is still there in the same place as it was before but for some reason the icon is black which - on the very dark grey background - is barely visible. I thought that I had managed to edit one of my posts made since this system came back but I wasn't sure so I saved the post above and then checked for the icon and have just come back in and added this. But - if I hadn't been wearing reading glasses - I would never have located the icon.
  • Anyway to upload pictures without a URL:   Add Attachment button would be nice 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @cpmcdill  You have to shrink your sceen to 75 % then you don't have to scroll sideways.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I also agree with @chris especially with the thanks to everyone that did the heavy lifting as far as bringing back all the old posts! This was the only site that came up about snuff when I really started taking it seriously again. Learned what for the boxcar was. Absolutely appreciate the treasure trove of information being restored. That being said it sounded like vanilla tried extortion and that's lame, also the above mentioned user controls "like, insightful, edit, insert quote/image, etc.." were WAY more user friendly. Hopefully this is an early iteration and it will get better with time and more use, either way bravo to all that pulled the cart, cheers to you all sirs...
    P.S. Where are those flash emoticons everyone's using? Can't find em on the menu bar
  • @basement_shaman - my near vision is already bad enough that I need reading glasses to see the text on my screen at normal size. I tried the shrinking trick and it was way too small for my comfort. I end up leaning in with my face 6" from the screen, and that's only going to make my eyes (and posture) worse in the long run. Even just 3 years ago or so that trick would have worked, but these eyes are failing quickly.

  • Point of Clarity: what is the plan here? Are we thinking that it will be possible to move back here.........or are we archiving these discussions for info purposes and using the new site as the main platform as we move ahead?

  • I think will be closed permanently if is stable. The database from was transferred over to this new site, so if all goes well, the .com site is the new forum for us all. Seems like a few minor issues yet to work out, but everybody is coming back over here, so this is our new/old place to remain in touch.

  • Just for feedback purposes when I got here a few minutes ago the comments seemed to be resizing to the browser window but as soon as I resized the window the comments are running off the right of the screen. So it seems to be an intermittent issue but not a major problem.
  • @cpmcdill - Thanks (that is what I figured)

    Just out of curiosity-  Are we running off of Vanilla (I see it at the bottom of the screen) or have we re-hosted it with someone else
  • MarvinLapsusMarvinLapsus Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    Special characters (like German umlauts) seems to turn the comments bananas. I've just written a pretty long winded review of Rosinski's Driesener and it as dramatically shortened when the text processing thingy found my usage of an Umlaut to much to bear.
    Also, the quotes/mentions system as very useful. The points thing always felt useless to me, but the Agree/Like/Insightful/Spam tetrad was great. If you manage to implement that, even without the supporting points system, it ould be great.
    I'm also curious, like @Snifs: Is the Vanilla logo a mere remnant of a gone past or does it still bears some significance?
  • My bookmarks are empty and the search feature doesn't work. I do hate complaining. I realize it took some effort to get this far. I will have to practice paticence   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman - I think that restoring bookmarks and other items such as messages would mean restoring additional database tables and that - as has been previously suggested - might mess up the forum as it is at the moment. I am certainly no expert but having dabbled with SQL databases in the past I know that they are a pain to administer so probably better to leave those alone where possible.

    Hopefully the search function and the various comment buttons will be restored in due course but - for the time being - I am just happy that the forum is back.

    So yes - I think we may all have to practice our patience for a while.

    BTW what is your new avatar symbol? - it rings a bell from the past but I cannot dredge up from my memory what it represents.
  • clicking on the Vanilla logo reveals that there are two different versions, one fully supported at a mimimum of $200/month and a free version with no technical support (and presumably fewer features). I suspect that we are now using the unsupported version. Just a guess.
  • ^^^ Insightful [presumably this feature is $200 p/m]

  • @Mouse - thanks for the research and apologies for my laziness!

    I am familiar with Om in Tibetan which looks quite different - I must have seen the
    Devanagari version in the past but then forgotten it in favour of the Tibetan.

    Thanks again
  • @chris  sorry for the late reply Om /Aum is the symbol . I am not the religious type but I am a spiritual being with an open mind 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • snufflessnuffles Administrator
    I installed the Gamification application in the dashboard. You will see it on the left at the bottom. I am presuming this is the agree/like and insightful symbols and points system of which you speak. Can you let me know if this is what was installed in the previous version or if this one will do? I think you can tweak it with the buttons  Let me know if you need any new graphics or style changes on the site.
  • @snuffles - Hey Pat; I'm still not seeing the buttons that you discuss above; did it not work correctly???  
  • Nor am I. I am also being logged in automatically every time I come here. If that was what it was meant to do. There are little x boxes where there should be images, but that could be my awful satellite broadband.   
  • chrischris Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    @snuffles As per the comments above I cannot see any buttons at all.

    I did a quick search for the app and found this ; Is that the app you installed?

    The info on that page about the badges certainly looks like the badge system we had before but I do not know if the badge system was different from the buttons for agree / like / insightful. At one stage there were only agree and like buttons and then someone added the insightful button but I cannot remember who it was that did that. If you can discover who did that then they will know what app they were using.

    Having said all of that thanks for making the effort - it may be that this needs some tweaking in order to make it visible to users. Unfortunately I do not know enough about the Vanilla software to suggest anything more helpful.
  • @snuffles Can we have announcements pinned at the top of the page IE, Introduce yourself,buy/sell/ trade thread, and others like before?   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm confused

    I see the .net site is back up

    so are we over at the .net 

    or are we here at .org

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