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Gadsden Snuff (sherlock holmes snuff and more



  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Lmk when everything is all right/good I've been ready for my order(s)
    Peace and Alohas,
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Just make it 20grams each so it would be CDR-RB 20gram and The Black Spot 20gram
    I hope u can make this change please.
  • Hey Ryan, I'll be glad to make the change once the operation isn't on hold. We need to resolve some of these problems before continuing. Thanks as always!
  • I offer this in request that anyone's responses are respectful if possible:

    Community question of the day: do you have any issues with my mill? Any at all, blends, flavors, grind consistency, shipping cost, shipping duration, payment etc?

    I'm revamping as noted before and would love input, thank you folks and have a blessed day!
  • @Michibacy,
    I've purchased snuff from you a couple of times.
    packaging was fine
    snuff was great
    paypal is my preferred mode of payment, so that's good
    flavors are interesting
    grinds were fine and that's fine with me
    shipping was a few days
    only had great experiences with Gadsden Snuff
  • oh , almost forgot, pricing and shipping cost were not expensive, no problem here
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I have No problem here with your product(snuff).I guess everybody has their own opinion.I saw the review by uncle Squinty.
  • MichibacyMichibacy Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I don't take it personally, and I asked him to be brutal as need be, helpful criticism is always welcomed :)

  • I have not yet had the pleasure of trying your snuff.  However, as a fellow small batch maker, I know what goes into the process.  Making the sauce just right, getting toasting times and temps down, playing with the grind and moisture content.  Then, after it's done, it can turn into something completely different after a month jarred up.  Many people have told me my snuffs are great while others have either politely not replied or said it was "ok".  As you said, honest feedback and criticism are among the most helpful when it comes to improving.

    Keep up the good fight and long live snuff!  :)

  • I appreciate the commendation @Cobguy!

    As an update, I believe I finished the rotary screen. I need to test it out this evening but I believe it'll work well enough. I've opted for a 250 micron screen, and have capacity for 14 fluid ounces. It's a good portable bench top design that I can control with a standard dimmer switch.

    I couldn't for the life of me find a forged 10-32 machine screw for the shaft-to-shaft coupler so I had to get one from the local hardware this morning.

    Now onto fixing other issues!
  • Kinda been awhile with no word. I hope you are making progress.
  • I hope so, too. I would like to try some of the snuffs.
  • Pleeeeeeasseee have some of this left
  • MichibacyMichibacy Member
    edited February 6 PM
    Hi folks,

    @Tekno , @JosephJames@nicmizer , I'm working on starting production again, it's been a busy year but will definitely post soon with in stock items.

  • :)
  • MichibacyMichibacy Member
    edited February 7 PM

    Varieties List Starting in 2018

    I'm working on starting up production for 2018 after about a year hiatus. I'll only be making select amounts of the varieties listed (those will be listed soon) and once I'm sold out, I'll be sold out until I work in a new production schedule. As a sidenote, I've reworked some of my milling process which in turn is giving me a much more consistent product and hopefully a more enjoyable product for all of you. As always, only the highest quality ingredients will be going into my mixes. Only available in 10gram tins with simplistic labeling, sealed with vinyl tape for freshness. We will be taking pre-orders.

    To review our more up to date list, please visit our Wix website, where you can also view the varieties that are in our vault.

    Wild Oak Butterscotch     $10.00/10 gram container                                        

    Sweet, delicate,fresh
    butterscotch flavor in a slightly moist, fine grind. Reminiscent of
    Grand Mother's cooking in early fall before helping harvest the crops.
    We would each receive a few drops of homemade butterscotch candy before
    going outside. We tied these memories and scents into our natural nasal
    snuff. (Now with stronger Butterscotch flavoring per request of users and reviewers)

    Bowditch's Lament     $10.00/10 gram container

    This snuff is geared towards the cold weather months when your body needs a nice relaxing supplement.

    Scents: Eucalyptus with a cool menthol over tone, anise seed extract and a warming nutty scent.

    Feel: fine grind, medium moisture. Best when chilled, and freshly warmed on the hand prior to sniffing

  • MichibacyMichibacy Member
    edited February 7 PM

    Le Cafe Partisan     $10.00/10 gram container

    Our first new batch in over a
    year. A snuff celebrating the spirit of World War 2 French Partisans.
    A silky fine grind, with the scent of fresh ground French Espresso,
    the creamy aroma of almond baked pastries and the aura of a day gone
    by in a small village on the river Rhine.

  • 747 Scotch     $8.00/10 gram container

    Our 747 Scotch snuff is a
    fine, dry smokey rich blend. Ground fine and double sifted. The tobacco
    bill is simple but stunning - a 90/10 Fire Cured Burley/Izmir. The Fire
    Cured gives you that traditional smokey richness, while the Izmir
    compliments with a subtle sweetness. Take sparingly.

  • Just dug into the 747. I gotta say I just love this snuff. It reminds me of sitting in front of a fireplace (the fire made with really good wood like maybe birch). Also getting hints of fresh cut wood. The richness is there as advertised. I'm far from being an expert, but for what it's worth: bravo, Michibacy!
  • Thanks for the review! I really appreciate it and am glad you enjoy it!
  • Also @SammyD13, what would you say on a scale 1-10 the nic content is? I like other people to gauge it as I can be rather nicotine resistant at times and quite susceptible at others
  • @Michibacy I'm pretty jaded nicotine-wise but felt wide-awake after snuffing the 747. I'd give it an 8.
  • The 747 is, indeed, very good!
  • The Wild Oak Butterscotch is very nice. It seems to pack a hit, too.
  • @SammyD13 how old is your stock of wild oak butterscotch. What I have is very bland, very unrefined ( stems and chunks) and dried with not really any moisture to it. I've carefully cared for it but got in a trade over a year ago and wounding if it's lost something before I acquired it.
  • @Nicmizer, if you got it over a year ago that was made under my old procedure and was self admittedly lacking. Any batches from 2018 and forward are made using my new procedure and is quite different.  
  • @nicmizer I just started snuffing the new batch of Wild Oak Butterscotch and can't keep away from it. Easy to snuff and the butterscotch is spot-on.
  • Sub par products that are admittedly that should honour being replaced with what was to be proclaimed. I'm stuck now with 4 full unopened tins and another that's 98% full that I will never use as it's not what it's described as being.
    Maybe @Michibacy can make right for reasonable customer service in the future.
  • MichibacyMichibacy Member
    edited March 15 PM
    @nizmizer Private messaging you sir. I intend to make it right!

    @SammyD13 thanks for the support and the reinforcement is much appreciated. I'm going to have a long road ahead of me showing folks the new formulas over the old ones
  • jmahesjmahes Member
    I have tried only a couple of the first generation Gadsden Mill snuff and was very happy with them. I have not tried Wild Oak Butterscotch so can't really comment on that but, the new 747 Scotch and Le Cafe Partisan are very well done. In fact I think Cafe Partisan will surprise a lot of people with its quality and deliciousness. whether you have an idea of Gadsden Mill or not.
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