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Which F&T?

I'm fairly new to the world of snuff, and so far I've tried Poschl's Alpina (my favourite snuff), F&T's Prince's, Poschl's Red Bull, and Bernard's Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert.  I'm currently placing an order for more Alpina, as well as expanding my horizons on Poschl's line to the Gletscherprise.  I want to try a new F&T as well, but can't decide which one to try.  And before someone says to buy half the line, I don't snuff that often, so I don't want to buy half the line to have a bunch of snuff go to waste :P  I was hoping you fine folks could give me some pointers on an F&T that's a must try that might line up with my tastes.  Some reviews on what I've tried:

Poschl Alpina - Lovely and fruity, with just the right hint of menthol, and very easy to take.  A lovely snuff.

F&T's Prince's - A bit too earthy or pungent for me at first, but it definitely grew on me, and I came to appreciate it.

Poschl's Red Bull - I enjoyed the strong hit of nicotine and menthol, but I found that it lacked any real flavour.

Bernard's Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert - While I enjoyed the flavour, it made my nose so stuffed up I felt like I was sick for the rest of the day.  Definitely not an experience I want to go through again.


  • edited August 2015 PM
    If you never try a Toast; F&T High Dry Toast is one of the finest produced. I lot of snuffer here enjoy F&T Santo Domingo and F&T Old Paris. Any snuff you don't like you can offer up for trade in B/S/T Thread;
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I've heard that toasts are difficult for newer snuffers to take, so I'd been wanting to hold off for a little bit.  But I might grab it this time.  How much of a learning curve would you say there is between F&T HDT and F&T Prince's?
  • My first two snuffs were Toques. The third was HDT. Absolutely no problem taking it. For reference I still can't handle Scotch snuffs or most fine dry snuffs. HDT is fine but not to dry to take easily. 
  • @Thuumhammer - The difference that you've picked up on here is to do with the grind of the snuff; HDT is extremely fine and powdery, unlike something like Prices which is fairly course. @basement_shaman gives good advice above, which I'd agree with. Out of the two Santo Domingo is closer in grind to Princes; so if you're finding Princes OK to take you'll be fine with Santo Domingo. 

    Probably best to mention as well that the majority of German snuffs are well oiled; this makes then relatively easy to snuff; English snuffs are not oiled - Good luck I hope that find one that suits your taste!  

  • Thanks for the advice everyone.  For my final order I've decided on the two Poschl's mentioned above, and F&T Old Paris as well as F&T Dr. J.R. Justice.  I will try the HDT, but I think I'll wait until next order.
  • Piggybacking this thread...  Most people's favorite F&T seems to be High Dry Toast, which is mine also at this point.  I also surprisingly like the Patchouli.  The only other two I've had are Prince's Special and Bordeaux.  The latter snuffs remind me of dip with a dash of perfume.  I kinda think they're ok...  I'm not in a rush to try another F&T, because I would expect another similar scented perfume snuff that to me is... not terrible.

    What are your 2nd favorite F&T's snuffhouse?  
  • spyderspyder Member
    edited December 2015 PM
    Santo Domingo and Old Paris
    They are not floral or perfumy, but more along the lines of straight aged tobacco.  Mostly wood, earth and leather.
  • HDT and Morlaix 
  • Count me in for Princes Special and Old Paris.  Two of my all-time favorite snuffs, both of them superb as bedtime or "go back to sleep it's only 3 am" snuffs.  Just a note of caution, I've had the F&T tins corrode on me (Princes and Princes Special), so much that the snuff inside was filled with white chunks of corroded aluminum.  There was no way to salvage the snuff, so thoroughly was it mixed in; so you might want to consider decanting into a bottle when it arrives.
  • My F&T faves are:

    Old Paris
    Santa Domingo
    Princes Special
  • HDT
    Old Paris
  • HDT is my all-day. I find if I take a half-pea sized hoot, that is what works best.   
  • I love Santo Domingo, Old Paris (despite I wish the scent was more pronounced) and Bordeaux (the scent in this is perfect) - these are ones I bought recently after rummaging through Youtube reviews. 
    Considering a second batch of F&T to buy and confused since I cannot buy all the remaining to try and spend too much on this. The exchange rate kills me! But I have vowed to try as many good snuffs as possible in the coming years as much as I can reasonably afford. I do not have many other vices, so what the hell.   

    For all my love of some Indian snuffs, I really wish Indian manufacturers would manufacture similar dark tobacco and delicately scented snuffs like the F&T range, Elmos Reserve, Black Rappee, etc. I love delicately scented dark tobacco snuffs. India has all the resources for essential oils and scenting material, of that I know, but perhaps not everyones nose in India would prefer these. But then, they can sell it at a slight premium and I am sure there would be a good market overseas for them as well.  
  • No Seville.
  • I hear about F&T tins corroding and I am worried about this. The thing is I live in a humid city (Mumbai). Should I be concerned about storing them in their original tins? I would so love to keep them in it, despite I got them all bent.
    Any time frame until when the corroding begins from your experience? Thanks!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 12 PM
    @newbiesnuffer, it's safe to store dry Seville and HDT in original tins. Santo Domingo and Princes/Princes Special can ruin the tin in a year or faster. Not sure about the rest of F&T range. My SD did it years ago (it was ok for the first six months, then I forgot that half-empty tin for several months and when I got back to it, there was a surprise. Worst thing those oxides from corroded metal contaminates the snuff itself.

    I advise taking a glance at manufacturer website, you can find nicotine and moisture content scales there. Don't hesitate about accuracy, values do match the reality. Say, I French Carotte is really lacking in nicotine, but SD is strong and one of the moistest in WoS/F&T repertoire.

    Actually, I would even advise against ordering FC for this reason alone... On the other hand, scent is intense enough to use this snuff in mixes / boost it with strong stuff, like Madras.
  • I tend to use FT more in the summer, Macouba, Morlaix and Bordeaux. 
    They are not my all day snuffs, but reserved for moments of reflection where I can appreciate their depth.
    I have found they don't keep as well when open, loosing moisture despite my attempts to re-hydrate them so perhaps the climate in Mumbai may help.
    I decant the ones prone to corroding the tin into glass jars.
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