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All Day Pipe?

I was looking for some help on what/which would be a good "all day" pipe tobacco.  Presently I smoke 1792 Flake, Black XX and Brown No.4 in the evenings while over looking my kingdom pondering my edicts and pontifications on the morrow.  However to my distress I have found that these little beauties do not lend themselves well to jumping out of the truck, load a bowl, strike a match, then go to work.  Although I like it,  please tell me I am not stuck with BCA for such purposes.  My taste in pipe tobacco has shifted away from aromatics.  Thanks in advance for your thoughtful consideration to my plight!


  • I've recently discovered Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match by Sutliff. It has a pleasant  chocolate/cocoa aroma to go with the burley but it is not overdone at all. I haven't tried the Lane Ltd. re-release yet but am ordering some this weekend. From what I've read, the match is very close to the original and as a bonus it's very inexpensive. With the winter months ahead I've been looking for a blend that is agreeable both to myself and to those that are stuck in the house with me and this is the first one that really fits the bill. I'd have no problem smoking this all day every day. I also like various Virginia blends but they smell too much like cigarettes to my wife to smoke indoors without the windows open.

    Of course, everybody's tastes are different and looking at your current favourites, ERR might not have enough nic for your liking, but then again you can always bump up your nic level with a little snuff!
  • I am a Flake and Twist man myself.I smoked lbs of Squadron leader. But fresh still needs a little air time. If you load a pouch it is usually good to go. There are hundreds of great tobaccos, and thousands of good tobaccos.You may like Dunhill tobaccos they are usually light and go and possible relight if you're not paying attention. Mac Baren broken flakes not as strong as your use to but pipe friendly and last awhile. Esoterica make some excellent tasty tobaccos but are hard to find. They sell out within hours.C&D are economical in bulk you may find something you like. I found G&H flakes easier to light than SG flakes.You could try some roll cakes like ESCUDO, Three nuns,PS luxury bulls eye ,or newmister #403 superior rounds.they take little work rub or fold and stuff.Thin slice flakes are easy to work with and are worth a go.4th generation tobacconist 1931 flake, Peterson University flake,Erinmore flake,Villiger 1888 after diner flake.Newmister #400 navy flake.You may want to try a pouch of Five brothers strong burley.  What I used to do is read tobacco reviews of ones I know i like then see what other tobaccos the reviewer liked.Sometimes the tobaccos with the most reviews are worth trying. I hope I was some help ;I didn't want to make a shopping list for you because everyone's taste vary.      
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I've been smoking a lot of MacBaren's Symphony and Golden Extra, pretty basic va/burley blends; my go-to when I don't want to fuss.
  • Have you tried kendal kentucky? Gotta kick to it and its an easy to pack shag cut
  • Prince Albert,  MacBaren Symphony & Golden Extra,  C&D Burley blends.     There's a ton of great tobacco out there,  you just need to taste test them to get your all day blend...  IMHO
  • GL Pease Barbary Coast
    John Patton's Storm Front
    Solani Aged Burley Flake

    Those might be worth a look.   Also, you might try getting some bulk straight Burley and mixing with your aged 1792 or ropes to make a more temperate all day blend.
  • Though I'm not much of an expert, I used to smoke St. Bruno Ready Rubbed during the day and it felt right for any time: strong, mildly astringent, ever so slightly flavored (on the soapy/leathery side), very rustic and traditional Kentucky/Virginia blend. Judging by the reviews it seems the Flake version is better, so if I were you I might give it a go. Also, it's quite cheap where it's available.
  • I liked what Spyder said. I had mixed ribbon cut virginia with 1792 with great results. It keeps it burning so less relights.You get all the flavor and none of the hassle.You know I think I will mix up some now.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • J_SJ_S Member
    I love G&H shags. As suggested above Kendal KY is a great smoke, I will smoke it throughout the day most days. Dark Bird's Eye is another great one with good nic. right up there with Brown Rope. You might also try G&H's sliced ropes as they cut them close to shag as well. If you want lighter smokes Peterson's Sherlock Holmes is great IMO and SG's skiff mixture smokes well too as does the Dunhill bulks like Nightcap.
  • I want to thank all of you for your input. I will take to heart each tobacco blend recommended and start my journey to find an all day pipe tobacco. My dad smoked Cherry Blend all day every day for the entirety of my raising. In fact he was smoking it when he informed me that there could be only one "man" in his house. I don't know if he was smoking the next morning because I did not see him as I left his house. Any way he told me he smoked it because it was not offensive to others. However, I do not believe he smoked a pipe with the same enjoyment you all display, or the type that I am learning from you all. I mean really 1792 Flake come on! The first time I lite a bowl full it put me on my butt, I learned real quick this stuff not for inhaling ( my dad inhaled Cherry Blend).
    I would like to thank you all once again for your time and thoughtfulness in all your responses, I will not waste your time. Thanks, Banjo777

  • so did you find an all day pipe tobacco?
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Peterson Irish Flake
  • Banjo777Banjo777 Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    @basement_shaman thanks for checking up on the hunt for an all day pipe tobacco. The answer to your question is yes at this time I have settled on two. The first one is called Canal Walk and it is a twisted flake which real name is Luxury Twisted Flake. The second one is Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky. However if "there could be only one" I would have to go with DSK. Thank you once again for your input on my adventure!
  • No problemo. Threads make the fabric that sews snuffhouse together.Thanks for posting. I will have to try O.  DSK. It's on my wish list.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Frog Morton and my trusty Peterson army bent with p-lip, nothing beats it
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