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Hey guys, Chad here from

A viewer of our YouTube channel suggested this forum, so I thought I'd join up and pop in and say hello.  I'm primarily a Swedish Snus user though I do dabble in nasal snuff from time to time.

Looking forward to interacting with you all here and discussing snus!


  • Hi Chad, welcome to snuffhouse. I don't snus much any more but I still enjoy reading your site.
  • i do love your written reviews, never thought to look on youtube though! might not actually, it'll make me want snus i cant get in the uk even more haha. good to see you here! im primarily a snus user now too. 
  • Thanks guys!  Someone commented on one of my videos about popping in here, I figured I'm always up for a new place to talk about snus!
  • hey Chadizzy1, always enjoyed Snubie when I used Snus.  Welcome to the Nasal side.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    Welcome aboard Chad.
  • Hey, I know that guy!  
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    Word brother! Make sure you behave, I have my eye on you x-D lol
  • @chadizzy1 Welcome to our Snuffhouse Family; Let the party begin <:-P
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • periqueperique Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    Welcome aboard Chad !
  • Welcome Chad! Thanks for the work you put in on your site, I'm new to snus and your site has been very helpful to me. I appreciate it!
  • Welcome Chad, May you pipe always be lite, your lip be full, your nose never be in need, your cigars never unfurl, but remember nicotine is bad for ya!  

  • TobeTobe Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me how long it takes before you taste anything other than salt. Every snus I've used to date, I've tasted nothing but salt. I'm told this'll change, but if not I'm going to have to pass on continued snus use.
  • SnifsSnifs Member
    edited September 2015 PM

    give it a couple of weeks and you will get past the salt shock. From that point on you will begin to notice more and more of the subtleties of each brand. If you were/are a cigarette smoker it will take a little longer for your taste buds to adjust. Be patient, it will sort itself out in the end
  • @Snifs Thanks for the info. As with my snuff use, I figured that the period of overlap with cigarettes was likely the issue. I'm now enjoying my snuff more, so hopefully my snus enjoyment will soon follow.
  • It took me about a month before I stopped noticing the salt.  It's an adjustment, but it's a worthy one.  instead of American tobacco dumbing down their sub quality flavors with sugar, Swedish Snus uses salt to accentuate their quality flavors
  • It's funny. For me the saltiness was not very noticeable at first, but after a week of regular usage it's all I can taste.  I'm expecting that to go away in time, but the delayed reaction seems different than most people's experience.  Only goes to show you can always find something new to screw up! Haha!
  • I'm enjoying snus more, but I think part of my issue now is finding the right flavors to suit my tastes. So far, I'm liking General Onyx, G3 Extra Strong, and Ettan Vit. I'm absolutely hating Oden's Vanilla at this point, and General Wintergreen tore my gums up so bad I contacted the company. Still so many to try, and knowing that most won't work for me has me chain watching Chad's videos in hopes of minimizing the cost of my disappointment. Thanks for the assist Chad!
  • Hey, thanks for watching!  I make them weekly so there's always something to watch!
  • Nice to have you on board Chad.

    It's been a while.

  • @chadizzy1 I recently just got into snus. I have been watching a lot of your reviews. I think you do a great job!
  • What a difference a few days makes when it comes to snus... Oden's Vanilla is GOOD! I've got quite a few things coming in, such as Blue Ocean, some Epok, and a couple cans of Siberia, but I'm definitely going to be ordering Oden's Vanilla again. And no cigs now for three days!
  • edited September 2015 PM
    @Tobe congrats on cutting back on the cigs!  I've also noticed that putting aside a can and trying it a few days later can make a big difference with snus.  I didn't like any of the original style snus that I tried at first, not a huge fan of bergamont, but I'm warming up to them now. 

  • @Bodger_Boggins You're definitely right in that some flavors grow on you. I'm hoping Nick & Johnny's Red Hot follows suit soon...
  • @Tobe I was tempted to try that one from Nick & Johnny's line but I went with Americana instead.  I haven't tried it yet but from what I've heard from other people it's a love it or hate it snus.  I'm hoping I fall into the love it camp hehe 
  • Finally got to try Tre Ankare... Which oddly tastes and smells EXACTLY like Ettan. Disappointed in the weak flavor of Epok Blabar and Granit Mint, as well as the overall taste of Blue Ocean. I've still got a bunch of new snus to try, but so far it's G3 Extra Strong and Ettan that I'll be reordering.
  • @tobe I recently got a can of Tre Ankare also.. I find it to taste like a cross between Ettan and roda lakett or maybe its just me...
  • @franko954 I've got some Roda Lacket but haven't tried it yet. If you've tried Siberia, or if anyone else has, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.
  • franko954franko954 Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    @tobe I have 4 cans of the red can its really minty. Not much tobacco flavor. But the mint is like a spearmint not a wintergreen. I like it not too bad, I use it when I drink beer and late at night. I can say the portion material is like silk very nice on the gums. I just wish it was made in original portion also..
  • @Tobe I have tried both the red and the blue cans.  I like the flavor in both, a good mint flavor that is not too sweet.  If you have a high nicotine tolerance the red is good, otherwise I'd say go with the blue.  I agree with @franko954 that the pouches are great, very soft and comfortable.  

    Recommend eating something before trying it for the first time, it is very strong!  It would be a good all day suns if the offered it in a regular or strong version.

    The blue can is about the same nicotine level as Oden's Extreme line and the red can is twice as strong.
  • I've got several of the red cans, and I'd already tried it before asking for feedback. Just wanted to compare other people's experiences to mine is all. Thanks fellas!
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