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The Nasal Snuff Checklist



  • A message appears next to the title in your kindle cloud informing you of the update, and then you download update. I will also post a message here.
    I think automatic updating was stopped due to an incident a few years back. Cannot recall details, but it involved either books being deleted from your Kindle or censoring. There may be a setting in your Kindle Cloud to turn on auto updating. ( My Kindle has been broken for a while. I read the Ebooks on the computer for now.)
    Take care..M
  • This is a great resource for newcomers like me. Thanks, @Mephistopheles. I might have had it for a week and definitely consulted it every day since I did.

    Please take this as constructive criticism, because you've done an awesome job compiling so much information already. I would like to see some sort of nicotine strength scale for each snuff. This could be useful both for those trying to quit cigarettes with strong snuff and those occasional users who don't necessarily want strong tobacco..
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    @TerrapinFlyer  Since the size of a pinch varies from snuffer to snuffer, I don't see much point.

    If you want more, you just take another pinch!

    Besides... I don't know whether the data is available.
  • @howdydave: Body chemistry varies, pinch size varies, &c. You're absolutely correct and the effects of nic are experienced subjectively. I disagree with the popular consensus of the nicotine strength of certain pipe tobaccos sometimes, though I'm interested in how others experience it or how the producer intended.. I prefer to rely on my own nose holes for the final judgment of a snuff's attributes, but I thought this information might help us new to snuff choose some beginning points. Again, though, I find this work useful and comprehensive as it is.

    Hmm. I thought this Santo Domingo would be stronger. Another pinch it is, then!
  • Sounds fantastic. If only there was an Android version :((
  • @Nulliverse. Get Kindle or Adobe Reader app for Android. They're free.
  • @terrapin flyer everything about snuff seems to be subjective. I used to really enjoy because after a while everybody was able to get more or less on the same page with regards to things like grind and moisture which do have more or less agreement. As far as nicotine goes there are probably too many variables to report it accurately. About all you can do is get to know the tastes and reactions of the person reviewing.

    FWIW I observe the same as you on pipe smoking reviews about nicotine levels, perceived strength. There we have even more variables.
  • Apologies...Free PDF version removed due to restrictions on selling on Kindle Store.
  • Everything is on my checklist at the moment in bulk, these new laws have got me scarred!
  • @Mephistopheles Thanks for this information, I found it a great read. I thought I would comment and promote the thread as good reading for newbies. Also the link is still active.
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