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Just bought 4noggin's pipe starter kit...

I'm pretty excited! I've smoked a pipe a few times but got hooked on cigarettes and stuff but snuff (and this forum) has opened me up to just enjoying tobacco again :)

Any recommendations for me, like what pipe to buy or accessories? I've heard there's things to eliminate bite etc.



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    Welcome new piper Jaybeeayyy
    Aromatic usually bite due of the high sugar content. English blends with Latakia normally smoke cool. although very campfire scent and not pleasing to others.You get what you pay for most of the time, although there are some not too expensive tobacco that are just as good. I seen never used some stuff you put in the bottom of some pipes so they smoke dry.I believe it's just kitty litter.

    Pipes cheap or high end is a matter of preference .I am a Peterson Collector.and also own many other pipes , clays ,meers,cobs in my collection. You could drive a volkswagen or a porsche they are both well engineered cars and they will take you where you're going. Same with pipes some cheap pipes smoke great and some high ends not so great. 

    Accessories- a good pipe knife, one with a poker and a tamper, Pipe cleaners regular and some tapered ones for the heavy work.and mason jars to store the hundreds of pipe tobaccos you want to try. Ashtray cork knocker, paragon pipe wax,you can think about a reamer down the road. A pipe stand; empty egg carton will work. you can get used pipe stands  cheap on ebay. You may want a pipe tobacco/pipe combo pouch. Button moisturizers/humidifier  a piece of broken terracotta clay pot works the same.
     Check out to see what others are smoking.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • get a good pipe 250 is the upper limit of good anything after that isn't going to smoke better. Shop around for estate pipes or good deals if you are on a budget. A good pipe will last longer and smoke better. Tobaccos well find something that sounds tastey and go from there. and everything Basement Shaman said too.
  • Whoa thank you for all the advice! Pipe wax? Didn't even know that existed lol.

    Anyone here have a dagner pipe? They're having a labor day sale and I'm thinking about picking one up.
  • I don't own a Dagner as the size and style are not to my liking, but I hear they are good quality.  

    When I started pipes many years ago, I bought a few basket pipes of Italian briar, a multipurpose tool, lots of pipe cleaners and a ton of small tobacco samplers.   I kept a small notepad of tasting notes and then started buying more of the types of blends I enjoyed most.   I started with aromatics, but soon found the negatives outweighed the positives and went toward Virginias, English and Balkans.   Then by using, I was able to find other smokers with similar likes. This allowed a safer path to follow toward different and larger purchases.   My tastes still varied from time to time, but I have a good selection of favorites in my cellar.

    My pipe collection also grew over time, but mostly through the purchase of estates.  This provided the best bang for the buck (IMO) and also provided me with learning experiences on refurbishing and maintaining pipes.  The historical aspects were an added bonus as the older Italian and Algerian briar provides a great smoke.  It's also pretty cool to be able to enjoy a Kaywoodie pipe that was made around 1920.

    Good luck on your journey.   I think you'll find experience will be your main ally in minimizing bad smokes.

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