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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Molens De Kralingse Latakia Ao 1860 Lemon and Coffee

HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
I got both of these as samples from Jaap Bes. Both are experiments, and the release of these, be it tweaked, as is, or at all depends on the comments left here by the community. I am hoping others who received samples (not sure how many of you there are) will leave your thoughts and reviews as well, because if chatting on these boards the last year has taught me anything, it's that two people can have completely different interpretations of the exact same snuff. It's always awesome when any snuff manufacturers reach out to us for feedback, but (and here is where I will probably come off as a fanboy) when someone like Jaap Bes has an experiment to bounce off us, we really need to take note. I received these in an envelope in two sealed plastic bags, which I decanted into jars until I was ready to try them (I was a little sick last week). I decided to spend a day with each of them, both indoors and outdoors. Yesterday I did Lemon, and today I did Coffee. First, I'll mention the characteristics both share, then follow with short reviews on each.


Medium grind, medium to high moisture. A bit clumpy, but very nice on the fingers, almost velvety in the nose. No throat hit, no falling back out either. Goes right where it should and stays there. Nicotine is typical Molens delivery, medium-high with a delayed onset. Every Molens De Kralingse I've tried has this same time bomb effect, which is kind of perfect with his more complex offerings. It gives you ample time to focus on the developing flavors before dropping vit-N in your head in a slow, long-satisfying kind of way. Appreciation is best earned as slowly as possible.


No lemon to speak of right out of the tin. Just fermented tobacco and smoke (the Ao 1860 Base). In the nose... I'm honestly kind of at a loss on how to explain it. The lemon is not a pronounced, citrusy lemon, nor is it a dried fruit or zest essance of lemon. It's more like walking by a table that was just polished with Murphey's oil, which with the smokiness and fermentiness actually makes for the impression of walking into a hardware store. The lemon sits very much in the background, adding to an overall nostalgic effect. I never would have thought of combining lemon and smoke, but I'm grateful Jaap did, because if this ever appears on the market, I'll be buying in bulk.


This is DEFINITELY going to sound strange, but in the tin this one smells like BBQ on the grill. My wife even agreed. There is a sweetness there that my nose takes as being brown sugar. This is not a bad thing. It smells really good. Just not what I would expect when I open a tin of coffee snuff. In the nose, it's pretty much the same thing. It's Latakia Ao 1860, with a sweetness. Like sitting on the porch while someone is BBQing pork on a charcoal grill. I would love to see this one come out, but not as a coffee scented snuff. More of a "Summertime in the midwestern United States" kind of thing going on. Taken in that context, the stuff is superb. I would also certainly buy this one, but probably more in early spring, as it would be a great pinch for getting in the spirit of winter breaking, family spending time out in the sun, and all that jazz.

Remember, these are just my interpretations. Your results may vary. Please comment with your own thoughts, and if you also received these samples, please leave your own review here too, so they're all in one place. Thank you so much @snuffmiller for letting me try these!


  • Great reviews brother!!!!
  • Excellent job on the reviews!   =D>

    The Lemon will definitely go on my to try list.  The Coffee probably not as I already have several blends that are in the same neighborhood.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Snifs @spyder Thanks!
  • I come to the conclusion that bad snuff does not exist; at least from top-ranked manufacturers, just our different tastes and moods. indeed, like repeatedly studying a painting to learn the artist's intention, my palate learns frrom snuff and my taste changes.
  • MynheerMynheer Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    Thanks @Hitsuzen. Excellent reviews. Make me curious for both, especially the Lemon.
    Relax, nothing is under control.
  • I been mixing De Kralingse Latakia Ao 1860 for years with other snuffs. I find it enjoyable. I been waiting to sample these two.Its peculiar there is no actual latakia in this snuff.   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • As both the Latakia lemon and the Latakia coffee received different welcomes I decided to give both of them another change. In some time I'll sent the taste panel other samples.

    Jaap Bes.

  • TrackerdexTrackerdex Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    Latakia Ao 1860 with Lemon: agree with Hitsuzen about the grind and moisture level, sticky on the fingers and velvety in the nose, and about the muted lemon scent, like a Murphy's Oil. It also reminded me of an old book store with the scent of many thousands of pages of old print, kind of like Bernard Civette Extrafein, only more complex...and it lasts a LONG time in the nose - which is very nice. Thanks for the sample, Jaap!
  • TrackerdexTrackerdex Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    Latakia Ao1860 with Coffee - not sure how to describe the scent or taste at all, until I stepped outside and an immediate sensation of a smokey and spicy rub that I used to make for beef jerky came to mind. So, that also is in agreement with Hitsuzen to an extent. The coffee is muted and sort of dissipated quickly and taken over by that "rub" smell once outside and that "stuck" upon entering the house again. It is really most excellent and I will definitely buy if produced, because it is one of the best snuffs I've had to date when outside...just not sure of the coffee label, but excellent nonetheless. Thanks again for the sample, Jaap! PS...can I purchase more "samples" of this one?!  :x
  • @Trackerdex: I've  about 50 grams left of the experiment, so let me know.
  • I found the coffee arrived too moist and didn't get any coffee at all until a few days later. At first it seemed to me more like overtones of @snuffmiller's Gingerbread. By the end of my sample there was a clear, pleasant light coffee cream flavor but what I had wanted at the outset was something like French Roast or Expresso.

    For the lemon I also had a hard time. I was hoping for a very up-front shpritz of lemon like the orange in @snuffmiller's famed Oranje but it is extremely subtle. Would prefer to be banged over the head with a lemon on this one. I think lemon on @snuffmiller's excellent latakia base is going to be a home run, and so will the dark coffee if he decides to make it happen.

    I already made my comments known to @snuffmiller via email but what a surprise to find this thread! I wanted to let the OP know my impressions since they are somewhat similar to his. Standing by for round 2.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    double post due to slow website response. sorry guys!
  • @Snuffbox: We'll keep on trying.

    Jaap Bes.

  • @snuffmiller I just checked in here after many years and was very surprised to see this thread. Your snuffs remain on the top of my list. Beautifully crafted!
  • @snuffmiller hope things are working out for you with the mills. Has there been any progress on these two blends?
  • @Snuffbox: Thanks for the compliment. We are still working and hope to continue, but ??? The first experiment was not succesfull, but I've produced a second experiment.

    Due to a cryptolocker virus I've lost all my data

    So will the interested parties make contact again so I can sent the samples out again.

    Jaap Bes.

  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    Jaap, I sent you an email at your company mail. Terribly sorry to hear this.

    The Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky has worked with the Dutch Police and recovered keys for several ransomware programs. For anybody who was unfortunate enough to have this happen see if this site can help you.

    Best of luck to you. Do you have your customer list or should we contact you again?

  • @Snuffbox: Thanks for your efford to help me, but as I already explained my provider advised me to format the lap top and to start all over again. This is what I am doing all day. I'll forward the address to my provider to help future victims.

    Jaap Bes.

  • @snuffmiller Yes, I know. I posted it because at the time of my email to you, based on your comment, I didn't know whether you had access to your email or only this forum. And possibly the info could help others here.

    BTW your new boxes look very nice.
  • The second round has arrived and these are wonderful! The lemon is what I had in mind. It has a strong initial fruity blast like the Oranje. The coffee is also very good. I had asked for a dark roast or expresso flavor and I still think that would be the best compliment to the base tobacco but Jaap chose a lighter Dutch Coffee. The coffee is now clearly there and lingers nicely. Order placed! Thanks, Jaap!

    BTW I have some more flavor ideas for you :)
  • @Snuffbox: Glad you liked this batches better. As for flavor ideas, there are two historical snuffs on the shelf. a fermented Virginia: "Tabac de Paris

  • It happened again. When doesn't this stupid website accept normal european letters? Continued: a accent grave (which means a with a backslash on top)  la Robeillard" which will be ready in about 2 month and a second karotten snuff:  "Fijne Rotterdammer" aka "Doppelmops" which will take a couple of month more.  I consider the reviving of historical recipes as our "core business" but suggestions are always welcome.

    Jaap Bes.  

  • @snuffmiller, I love the Robeillard! It is a very excellent snuff!

  • @snuffmiller I can't wait to try some of your snuff I don't have yet. See you saterday !!
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