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First Snuff?

SnuffySnuffy Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Hi there,

I have recently purchased my first few tins of snuff, and am just loving it.
I bought a tin of Toque original, and a tin of McChrystals' original.
Are these good starters?
What was the first snuff you guys tried?
Any comments or advice would be appreciated.
thanks alot

~douche master ken~!


  • edited July 2008 PM
    Yes, the McChrystals is an excellent grind for beginners. I also recommend any of the DeKralingse products for beginners, They have a courser grind which helps to keep the snuff in your nose and not down your throat.

    To answer your other question, the first snuff I had ever tried was Tube Rose back in the 80's.
  • I first started off on McChrystals O&G, but now I can't stand the stuff. I love Toque Original that is a very good snuff beginner or not. Poschl snuffs are good for beginners too as they are coarse and won't hit the back of your throat.

  • my first snuff was gawith apricot. i think it works just nicely as an introductionary snuff.
  • First welcome to this forum Snuffy. My first snuff was J & H Wilsons Medicated about 30 years ago. When i got through the box I went on to Hedges L260, a snuff I still take first thing in the morning to this day.
  • I'm unsure of which i am enjoying better, at this point.
    They both have a nice flavour to them, and the McChrystals' is a bit stronger in scent and flavour, though, i don't know if this is a good thing or not.
  • My first ever snuff was Ozona President but I don't like menthol snuffs now.
  • Hi 5 Lazarus. My first snuff was Ozona President as well. Little did I realize at the time that the tin was full of old dried out snuff. Luckily I placed my first order and got some snuff in the mail that was properly fresh, otherwise I probably would have quit after that first tin.
  • I nearly quit after my first tin too!

    I took it over a friends for a night of drinking and poker, I overdid it with the snuff and ended up quite sick (it wasn't just the snuff, I drank too much as well)
  • Hedges L260 for me, can't stand menthol now

    I think all of the Toques are good for beginners purely because of the quality
  • RoamRoam Member
    Poschl Gawith Apricot and GletscherPriese
  • My first ever snuff was Magnet Menthol, then Rooster! I am surprised I am still doing it today!
  • JavaJava Member
    My first and favorite back when I started in college (back when the earth's crust was still soft) was Dunhill Menthus Plus. When I came back to snuff a couple of years ago, the first thing I ordered was Wilson's Menthol Plus, hoping it would be similar. Another old favorite was Dean Swift SP. I wish could find it now. Mike at Mars stocks it, but when I ordered some, I got a tin that was marked SP, but had some sort of powerful floral in it. (Had the factory seal on it. Obviously not Mike's fault, but I assume all he has is from the same batch, so.....)

  • Java, the dean swift sp is a clove snuff, is that what you got? My last DS order from Mars was about 6 months ago and the sp was what it was supposed to be.

    My first snuff was WE Garrett & Rooster on the same day back in high school. This was before the school became tobacco free and before the internet was there offering all sorts of different snuffs. Scotch snuffs was all we had available to us. There was a group of us who would meet up in either the welding shop or auto shop during breaks and enjoy a snuff or dip. By the time I became a senior in high school they switched the campus to a tobacco free zone so we had to sneak it then except during my shop classes where the teachers didn't care. I think all of them are still using dip but I'm the only one still using snuff on a regular basis. There are some who will take a pinch still when I offer it up but they don't go out and buy it. And since I grew up on scotch snuffs I guess thats why I like them so much.
  • bobbob Member
    how was the dunhill menthus???
    Dean swift was my first snuff it was all they had at the "Tobacco Tavern" (one of the greatest tobacco shops that is no longer) not sure of the scent but I bought one tin liked it bought about three more between me and a few friends we bought the dean swift line that was avilable at the time including some they don't seem to make anymore. Loved it but it was just another form of tobaco to me at the time now it's my main squeeze (not dean swift hate that stuff now think it's a terrible snuff brand)
  • THe first time I ever tried snuff, I had bought some tin at a drug store, back when tobacco and smoking was still allowed in restaurants and bars in Kalifornia, I think it may have been SG scotch, but I'm not sure. It was about 16 years ago. I had no idea how to use it, and gave up.
    My first real snuff taking experience was with McCrystals O&G. Back in Feb of 2007. I still have half a tin of it left, but also many other tins. lol
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