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Toque Quit

Medium dry with a medium fine grind. I can't say much about this one. It has a delicious plain tobacco scent. There are no other scents present. It smells exactly like a good cigar would smell. The scent is not strong but quite persistent in the nose. It's good if you want some nicotine, but you're not in the mood for strong flavors. The Quit is probably, as the name suggests, intended for people who want to quit smoking and so the nicotine level is higher than in other Toques I tried so far. Definitely not as high as a scotch, for example, but it gets the job done.


  • Quit was one of the first Toques I bought in bulk. I have some with me everywhere I go. I keep refilling the Toque flask that is attached to my key ring. It comes into rotation often. I enjoy the strong snuffs and this one is in my top ten.
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  • I take Quit slowly.  I still have most of my 25g I got in March.  On the positive side, I'll say that it has a unique, nice flavor which makes it fun to snuff.  However I don't find it particularly strong.  On a scale from 1 to 10 on nicotine, I give it a 4.  Slightly below medium

    So based on what I've read it disappoints me in that respect, but otherwise it's got a lot going for it flavor-wise.  I just couldn't use it all day because I'd be going at it every 20 minutes to get more nicotine, but that's me

  • @Gormur, I agree that it is not the strength expected but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

    On my last purchase, I went with the 100g bulk and use it almost daily.

  • Interestingly, Quit is made from stemless leaves and IS high in nicotine.  I find it a particularly sneaky snuff, in that it is so smooth you don't notice the nicotine.  Just a heads up incase you are lulled into a false sense of security and accidentally over do it.
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