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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Snuff Vendors?

Anyone in the states using any other large snuff vendor besides mrsnuff?


  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    I'd like to know who ships internationally also. has better than average pricing and shipping costs look reasonable too, but their credit card verifier didn't work in my Firefox so I couldn't complete the order. How annoying!

    Snuifmolens, Toque, and Wilsons ship internationally. It is always a pleasure dealing with Snuifmolens and Toque. Wilsons, not so much. After some effort it often works.

    McChrystals now has online ordering. It's very easy to order from them and their pricing is very fair. Free shipping over 15 pounds and VAT is automagically removed if you live outside the UK/EU as it should be. However, I understand not all their products (notably Hops) and not all sizes are available. All sizes of O&G seem to be offered but the flavored ones only in 3.5g.

    Clearly, this is not enough of a supply chain. Stores that ship worldwide, take credit card or PayPal, and have fair pricing for product and shipping are much needed.
  • I've purchased from Toque, MrSnuff and this year and did not have any problems with cc payment via Firefox.   Perhaps it's your cc company @Snuffbox?   I've had occasional issues when ordering from the EU but not with any snuff vendors.

  • No, it's definitely something to do with the browser and scripts. Not all Firefox is the same. New bugs with every new version ;) and I don't use Windows. Most companies test only with IE and Windows. Anything else and you're on your own. Anyway took my order via email and got around the problem. Will update the thread when I receive my order.
  • @Snuffbox "Most companies test only with IE and Windows. Anything else and you're on your own."

    Most companies should obviously test will all the major browsers but where I work we develop to IE first because out of all the browsers, IE will screw things up that the others won't. Chrome and Firefox are pretty good at being standards compliant but IE is in it's own little world. It's so bad that Microsoft is scrapping it in favour of it's new Edge browser. I'm surprised Firefox is giving you a problem, perhaps you have an add-on that's giving you issues?
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