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Gunslinger snuff...

LazarusLazarus Member
edited July 2008 in General
I'm currently reading a book called 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford' by Ron Hanley and found this brief reference to snuff which I thought some members (particularly those from 'across the pond') might find interesting:

The reference is found on page 235, by this point in the book Jesse has been killed and his body is being moved to the location of the funeral...

"A special Hannibal train was scheduled to meet them at Cameron Junction but the crowds made them tarry so long in St.Joseph that they missed their connection and were forced to stay over in the town until a rock island train could be sent. Sheriff Timberlake and Marshall Craig vied over who would nightwatch the remains, for each mistrusted the other as a man capable of selling the corpse. An argument followed and Enos Craig reached for his gun, but realised the childishness of the fight when a station agent yelled from across the room, "Gentlemen, gentlemen! Don't pull your pops in here!" Craig returned his revolver to its holster and then sourly walked the railroad tracks, snuffing Maccaboy tobacco"

Do Maccaboy still make snuff? Wasn't that old old snuff bottle a member bought on ebay recently the same brand?


  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Maccoboy refers to a kind of aromatic tobacco usually rose scented. This names origin dates back to 1730-1740. It was made by a few different manufactures. Its still being made but really hard to find.

    Maccoboy Snuff
  • Is it a variation of the snuff name macouba?
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Thats an interesting question Snuffster...doesn't sound like it was though, not according to Snuffstore which says this:

    "Historic descriptions of Fribourg & Treyer Macouba Snuff state that it is a moist, brown snuff of medium mill and strength.

    As firm a favourite today as it was with the Regency bucks. Has characteristics entirely its own.

    This snuff is mentioned in Thackeray’s Pendennis and may well have suggested to Dickens the name of his famous character, Mr. Micawber"

    Its a really good book and if anyone has the chance to read it you should. Unfortunately there was no mention whatsoever of Jesse James himself ever using snuff, he just smoked the occasional cigar.
  • I guess a lot of those guys used it though, its the right period
  • "Is it a variation of the snuff name macouba?" Yes, it is. Also spelled maccaboy.
  • Thanks for that
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