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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

Samuel Gawith Gold Mull.

Now here's a thing. My nose generally can't cope with mentholated snuffs, whether it's Hedges, Wilson's Medicated No. 99, Ozona President, whatever, they clog me up. I'm ok with the Indian scented menthols such as 6 Photo kailash and Special, and the lovely 41 Photo Himtaj Black, but even those sometimes set me off.
Snuffstore has a deal at the moment which gives you a free gift depending on how much you spend, and the top prize is SG Gold Mull. As it was free I thought I'd try it, assuming I'd be chucking it in the bin (especially after seeing Uncle Squinty's review on Youtube where it clogged up even his experienced nose), but much to my surprise it's lovely - lightly perfumed (with a rounded, non sickly scent), but with the menthol only there slightly in the background, as in the way of Indian snuffs.

I placed another order the other day, and once again spent enough to have my choice of the various free offerings, and once more chose Gold Mull.

Odd thing is, it doesn't seem to be listed as one to buy. Now they've turned me on to it I hope they're not discontinuing it!   


  • I'm a big fan of Gold Mull, it's such an unusual snuff, it's impossible to compare it to other snuffs. The slightly floral, fruity scent with the light menthol is odd, but in a good way. It's a snuff I return to quite regularly.
  • Just got a tin of love it. I have to agree with @Talljim that it's incomparable to any other snuff - very original, yet not overly complex. Quite light and refreshing - definitely a good all dayer.
  • MarvinLapsusMarvinLapsus Member
    edited December 2015 PM
    I've just cracked a tin open. Someone said in this very forum that the aromatic mixture is in the same wavelength of some Poschl snuffs, and I'm not going to disagree: Packard's Club comes to mind, but also the Geranium-heavy F&T mixes like Bourdeaux. However, as a result of the very British grind and flour (its base tobacco smells like a quite nice pipe mixture) used for its manufacture, it has a different, much more unobtrusive nosefeel, when compared to their German counterparts, though it is still not suited for menthol intolerant noses.
    If you love Bourdeaux and the like, or if German aromatics are your thing but you despise paraffin and bad quality base flours, this could be your little piece of heaven on Earth!
    All in all, I'm quite happy for the offer and would like SG not to discontinue this admixture.
  • I love Gold Mull. It has a unique scent, wonderful and fluffy, and there is no other snuff quite like it.
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