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What's it got in its pocketses?

Haha, pardon the Smeagle reference from Lord of the Rings as the title of this discussion...

Anyways, I wanted to start a picture and/or description thread for the daily gear we all at snuff house carry with us on a daily basis, and feel free to also post gear you may carry for specific occasions. This will be a cool place to share the awesome things we carry on our person on a daily basis, for example:

I always carry my Douk-Douk French Foreign Legion pocket knife in it's leather sheath with its miniature sharpener, one of my favorite snuffs for the week according to the weather and season, my wallet, my vape, a silk handkerchief, my car keys, and a high quality chapstick. I will post a picture soon.

I thought that someone had probably created a similar discussion like this prior, but the search function is broken so I could not successfully check on that... If I am late, feel free, moderators, to remove this discussion. I would also apologize. I am a huge camper too, so I will be posting pictures of the essential gear I carry on my person for camping and surviving in the wild.



  • I always try to carry a good book around too that I am reading. Currently, I am reading the Lord of The Rings trilogy... that's why smuggle was on my mind when I created this topic. haha
  • a Kershaw 1760 knife, Winchester doctor's knife, one of several Patrick Collins snuff boxes (my favorite is the small single), Xikar Allume cigar lighter, Imco G77R pipe lighter, keys. And still no 'smart' phone.
  • Wow, you have a Winchester Doctor's knife? that's a really nice one... i'm jelly. The government can track a smart phone so easily, you're better off without one. Plus, they're smarter than us which is too smart for an inanimate object.
  • @doggybobos - great thread topic.

    When I'm going out for longer than a few hours, I usually have wallet with the usual cards and cash (naturally), a keychain which besides keys has all those annoying customer loyalty cards for various retailers, plus a vintage Army P-38. Sometimes I carry a Swiss pocket knife stamped with the logo of American Survival Guide. Usually I will bring a can of snus, as I find snuffing less convenient out and about.

    If it's going to be a long day, I'll bring a book or periodical too (a vade mecum), that's when I'll upgrade to a messenger bag, which will then also include a notebook, pens, a tin of Altoids, and a bottle of spring water. Those and anything directly relevant to the day's errands (paperwork, lists, measuring tape, tools, whatever).

    I never leave home without a few paper towels, as I am prone to sneezing fits, and even if not, they are handy for other purposes.

  • doggybobosdoggybobos Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    @cpmcdill thank you! I thought it would be cool and interesting. I really want to get everyone to post pictures of their gear laid out neatly in a cool photogenic way. I will post a picture of my gear as an example. I know it's a pain to take a picture and then go through the trouble of posting it to the forum, but it will certainly make this thread more interesting with the visual aid!
  • doggybobosdoggybobos Member
    edited October 2015 PM

  • doggybobosdoggybobos Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    Forgot to add my c. 1930s chinese porcelain snuff bottle with spoon cork. I put a putty seal around the top to keep my snuff as fresh as possible, and I mix a samuel gawith coffee blended with McChrystal's cinnamon christmas snuff for a nice christmas coffee dry snuff. It's very seasonal, so I just now decided to bring it out in preparation for the winter months coming up. I'm mainly on my schmalzlers right now for autumn.Schmalzlers are personally my favorite snuffs, so I use them heavily from October - February. As spring approaches I tend to go for more english floral/fruity scents... and in summer I tend to go very heavy on the Hedges and the Zwiefacher and sometimes Bayern-Prise, but it's such a weird menthol schmalzler and the drip is GOD AWFUL if you get one... it will put you out for awhile.
  • Well if they ever get back the like/agree/insightful buttons on Snuffhouse, you'd get a +1 from me.Great pic.

  • Wallet, phone, snuff rag, my Buck Flashpoint...  I prefer my Buck 110, but it's a little pocket heavy.  I love keeping a hair whittling mirror polished edge on my knives.  I keep one on me at all times, but only used it once I think.  But let me tell ya, my knife was praised for how sharp it was, and that made it all worth it!

    And last but not least, my keys with a toque keychain filled with F&T HDT.  Tapping out a boxcar while stuck in traffic takes the road rage away.   

     I like the thread doggybobos!
  • @seanocdpx Would you say a bit about the Toque keychain flask? Those look like something I might want but I didn't get a sense of the size or how you would actually use one. Thanks.
  • @SeanOCDPx Thank you, and great post. Would love to see a picture in the future of all your cool loot if you find the time!
  • @doggybobos, I can't seem to figure out how to post pics like you did.  Anyway, beyond my snuff collection my loot consists of musical instruments, which are currently strewn out over a few locations.  

    @Snuffbox, same as above, I tried to get pics up here but i'll just describe it.  I got the silver flask from Toque's website that says "Private Reserve".  It's about the size of a 10g Toque tin, which is a little big, but I manage with it.  You unscrew the lid and tap out a pinch.  It has a clip, not a key ring, so it can be taken off easily, which is what I do while driving.  The part where the lid of the flask attaches to the keychain swivels, so you can grip the flask in one hand, lid with the other, and twist without moving the keychain part (if that makes sense).  If it was just a little smaller it would be perfect for me.
  • @SeanOCDPx to post a picture, you just copy image url from a website that you have posted the picture to. Click the photo icon in the leave comment box and then paste the image url link into the address bar that pops up
  • I use instagram to host my images.
  • cracked pic.  Oh well.  Thanks anyway!
  • hmm... not sure why the photo isn't showing up
  • @SeanOCDPx at least the link works. Remember to right click andy copy image address then paste into the picture icon bar
  • I wonder if it makes a difference if the picture is saved as a .gif or .jpeg or whatever.
  • @SeanOCDPx - you mentioned musical instruments. What do you have/play, and in what styles and settings?

  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    Hi @cpmcdill, I am primarily a rock drummer, and took that as far as I could and quit a few years ago.   is from the last band I was in (doesn't show us playing the song until about 3:10) and the type of venue I usually played.  I still dink around with drums, bass, guitar, and banjo (bluegrass).

    I remember you saying you do something with music.  Do you own a record label?  Play instruments?
  • @SeanOCDPx - I have an assortment of string instruments and some keyboards strewn around me here in my office, plus two large wardrobe boxes full of instruments that I have not unpacked. Moved to a new house about a year ago but the renovations are room-by-room, and the place that will eventually be my music space isn't done yet.

    I have a label that specializes in ambient and experimental music. Too small a niche to be profitable by the old paradigm, but thanks to the internet there have been tens of thousands of listeners. I had peers in the 90s losing more money than they made trying to reach hundreds of listeners, so I feel pretty good about my results.

    My music is experimental by necessity. I have a sort of neurological glitch whereby I can't become a musician in the proper sense. I have a lot of instruments, and every time I want to use one, I need to refer to various references to get a refresher on the notes, chords, rhythms, and ways of playing, and then use them for the recording, and usually promptly forget what I did. I only record, never gig, since my real instrument is the editing and mixing software I use to organize the sounds I make. I use a lot of effects and processing. Perhaps that makes me more of a producer than a musician. But I like my results, and that's all that matters. Discography:

  • @SeanOCDPx thanks for the explanation. What is that flat metal piece on top of the flask between the flask and the clip? It looks very awkwards.. what is it for?
  • @Snuffbox, I think the flat metal piece that you're asking about must be the screw-on lid (there's a smooth part and a rough part, but it's all one piece).  It attaches to the clip, but isn't fixed - it swivels, so it isn't awkward imo. To me, everything between the clip and the flask is designed well.  
  • @SeanOCDPx thanks, I think a picture would be better. Bottle flask.jpg

    What is that huge, awkward metal piece? Is it just for packaging and hanging in a display or are you stuck dragging that around? Thanks again and sorry for so many questions.
  • Oh, yeah that must be packaging.  I don't remember that being there when I got it, but it is definitely not part of the item @Snuffbox
  • Thanks @SeanOCDPx I'll put one on the shopping list then.
  • Here's what I have in my pockets every day - quite a bit of it is for work since I work at a saw mill:

    1- Leatherman Wave multitool with two sets of extra bits and a leather case on my belt

    2 - My grandfather's old Case with Damascus steel that he had from the 60's when he was in the Air Force

    3 - The black metal slim Icetool snus can with whatever snus I feel like carrying that day

    4- my snot rag

    5 - a tin or two of whatever snuff I happen to feel like carrying that day

    6 - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (No better phone when you run a business imo)

    7 - Also on my belt is a Motorola two way radio to talk to the guys at work

    8 - Carhartt leather wallet

    9 - small vial of my beard oil because the scent of that stuff relaxes me while taming the beard

    10 - Always in my shirt pocket I carry a Pilot G-2 0.38 with black ink (the wife likes blue for some reason and she does the office work around here)

    11 - A small ring notebook next to the pen because I need it sometimes to write quickly

    12 - Keys

    I carry too much junk, but I need it all lol
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