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Is this the slowest website you have ever used?

Or is it just me? This site takes FOREVER to navigate. My internet connection is also poor but this is ridiculous!


  • It doesn't go slow on mine, for whatever reason.

  • Might just be the "What's in your nose #12" thread.   Anything with 71K posts is bound to take some extra time to load.    Doesn't seem overly slow to me though.

    Which brings to mind a question:   What happened to WIYN #1 to #11?  
    Might be best to create a new thread annually though for ease of database maintenance.
  • Like a "What's in Your Nose 2015" and then a "What's in Your Nose 2016," and so on...

  • Thanks guys. I'll blame my internet provider again.
  • @Snuffbox - It is always worth testing your Internet connection.

    I am with Virgin and over the past few weeks my download speed has varied between 49.39mbps down to 2.81mbps - that was actually slower than my upload speed!

    So when it is good it is very, very good but when it is bad it is truly awful.
  • I tested it alright. I am paying for 15M and getting 300K most of the time. Once in a while I get 1.5M. Things were ok until about 1 1/2 years ago, all of a sudden there was a problem and despite many calls it has never been resolved.

    The companies here play fingerpointing games and there is very little choice in which bad company to use.

    Still, most other sites work reasonably well if slow. This one just barely works for me.
  • Not at all.....
  • No
  • I had some slower issues around the time of the change over to the new site provider but nothing as of recently.

    May be worth resetting your router and modem, if that doesn't fix it call your provider and make sure they haven't reduced your bandwidth (they like to do this, especially Satellite companies).

    Regardless, using is a good way to see what your actual rates (upload and download) are, from what I have seen, they aren't paid off, or "influenced" by certain providers. (I'm looking at you Hughes Net)
  • No problems
  • Seems fine to me.
  • It occasionally feels slightly slow but then that just might be my broadband speed which seems to fluctuate all the time.

    I have been to large commercial websites in the UK that run very slowly despite all the money that has been thrown at them so no complaints about Snuffhouse here.
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