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Any Artists?

doggybobosdoggybobos Member
edited October 2015 in The Pub (Off Topic)
If you are any type of visual artist or musician, feel free to share your work in this thread! I will share some of my own. I mainly work with watercolor, graphite, charcoal, and ink. I also have a website that needs some updating but shows a lot of old work I made 5 years ago. 


  • imageimageimageimageimageimage
  • cpmcdillcpmcdill Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    In the visual realm, I think of myself as an ex-artist. Growing up, I drew and painted a lot, then went into art school and improved my aptitude in various media. But after leaving art school (way back in the 80s) I stopped doing anything until about 10 years ago when I started doing album covers, which to my mind is more like graphic design than art.

    My priorities switched to experimental sound art and electronic music. I've recorded probably over 50 album, the earliest of which were sold on CD, but I found a better distribution via the Netlabel scene. My discography is at and most of it can be downloaded free.

  • @cpmcdill awesome man I will check it out! nice pic btw 
  • Cool stuff guys.  I doodle skulls, but they suck.  
  • Excellent... This reminds me I have some thing that needs to be spray painted... Will post a pic.. Except I cant seem to figure out how to do it here since the website change. Sorry if its a stupid question but will someone please tell me what Im missing here?... as far as posting a pic goes...
  • cpmcdillcpmcdill Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    @coreymillia - it seem like now you need external hosting. No more uploading. You need a site host off Snuffhouse to store your picture, and can have it shown using the "insert image" button on the lower row of icons of the comment box.

    Back in the 80s I used to do a lot of spraypaint stuff, mostly stencil graffiti around Baltimore.

  • coreymilliacoreymillia Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    @cpmcdill I think you just surpassed my computer abilities... I have had one of these damned things since the before the internet... I dont think im gonna figure it out... Maybe Ill google it later. Thanks.

    Stencil graffiti... That gives me an idea... A completely legal idea...
  • yes will share some stuff. 
  • This was for the cover of a comic book I published:

    This was part of a set of serial killer artwork I did for a collectible card set:

    This one was an illustration that I later worked into a comic book story included in an anthology:
    This was just for fun:

    More of my artwork can be seen at this Facebook group.  

    I don't draw as much anymore.  Mostly I work on websites, do some graphic design, etc.  I never made a profession out of it, so its just something I do for fun or fulfillment.

  • edited October 2015 PM
    When I was growing up there wasn't much to do
    I used to hang on street corners just to sing the blues
    I meet all kinds of folks that were busy on their way 
    I try to talk to them but they just walk away
    The ones that would stop never did have  much to say
    I just keep trying to pass the time of day

    As time went on, the crowds die down 
    there wasn't much left of this old town
    I got myself a job,Old friends were on their way
    I settled in with my girlfriend, I wish it was still this way today

    I partied every night and partied every day
    It was the same situation any which way
    Someday I will hit it lucky, That I am willing to bet 
    But I am living in reality and I ain't rich yet
    Dreaming and scheming may be all I have left.

    I don't like being bored if I'm high all day 
    I don't like people that say have a nice day
    Don't ask me why you may like what I have to say
    Because they are all phonies in their own way

    My job does suck I must admit 
    If I could afford to be unemployed, I'd quit
    Then I would live life to the full extent
    I wouldn't have to worry about paying the rent
    I'd travel all around and sleep in a tent 
    With my papers and bowl I'd be content

    Being busy all day just seeing the sites
    Enjoying every moment there is of life
    They say that's a cop out but wouldn't it be nice
    Who said anywise we have to be civilized
    You can eat anything that walks,crawls or flies
    As long as you have ears mouth and eyes

    Someday it will all be gone, then it will be too late
    A world full of garbage, disease and hate
    Will take it all over this be a big mistake
    So get it while you can to make life great

    I could sit around all day, just singing the blue 
    But I am just a working man with holes in my shoes
    I could trip on acid or speed all day 
    But I wouldn't want my life to end that way
    There is far too much to see and far too much to do
     And I wouldn't want to end up in the looney zoo
    Thank you.

    Joe McKenna 1984
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Very cool.   ^^^^^Like
  • Great stuff ya'll!  Hell, I can't draw a straight line without a ruler.
  • @chef daniel, haha that means nothing. Neither can I, and it's actually common rule that any attempt at making a straight-line in drafting, be made with a ruler or it's against respected craftsmanship 
  • @basement_shaman are you Joe McKenna?
  • edited October 2015 PM
    That's right folks, don't touch that dial. I don't know why all the anonymity.
    That is the name my parents gave me.
    Basement Shaman is who I conceive myself to be. 
    Has Joe McKenna helped you in the past, present or some other realm of existance? 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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