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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Anyone selling Snuff boxes in the UK?

snuffermansnufferman Member
edited October 2015 in Snuff Accessories
Hi everyone
My names Freddie, I am new here and this is my first post. I am a roll up smoker that just discovered snuff. I am using snuff to cut down how many cigarettes I smoke, I have already cut down from 20 a day to 4.
Anyway, I am looking for a wooden snuff box in the tap box style that Poschl uses for the Red Bull container. A hybrid would be perfect, allowing me to tap or pinch. Are there any members here in the UK or possibly other European countries that make such a thing?
Looking forward to hearing from you


  • JustinJustin Moderator
    For the hybrid style, you need to look to the US for a new wooden box - check out Patrick Collins' boxes at (but not just now because the site is temporarily down!)

    Otherwise, all the new wooden boxes I can think of have sliding lids, and are really best for pinching from. It's worth having a look on Mr Snuff's UK site ( ) to get an idea of what there is. If you can bear the idea of a plastic one, then the Mr Snuff boxes on that site would solve your problem nicely as they are hybrids. The black Wilsons boxes are nice too, but they will hold about 25g, so might be a bit big for your needs!
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  • snuffermansnufferman Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    Brilliant! Thanks for your help Justin. I am a bit reluctant to order from the US as I am always hit with customs fee and the dreaded handling fee which I think is
  • edited October 2015 PM
    You could hack a slide box by drilling a small hole or notch in the end of the slide lid or the cut out in the storage area where the lid covers. 
    Or you could get a plastic one like this : ;

    Welcome to snuffhouse Freddie
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  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    I have a bunch of Patrick Collins boxes, the kinds with sliding wooden lids. They are beautifully made.

    I also have some much larger boxes not as well made but very functional for coarse snuffs that I like backhanding. They were made by a member here Georg around 2008-2010 time frame. I don't know if he still posts here but some shops did start selling his boxes. I think @nosebag had some for sale.

    I think the kind of box that will work for you has to do both with whether you like pinching or backhanding and also the grind. That usually means you should own several for your different grinds and taking preferences.

    Unfortunately snuff boxes have become collectibles for people who never use them for what they were made and that has driven up prices on nice using boxes past the point most people can afford them. I have some friends with old and beautiful silver boxes that probably hold 20-25 grams and I have no idea how much they would cost now.
  • I would be interested in a patrick collins box. Do they come in different sizes? I would prefer something smaller that holds between 5-10g. Any idea of when the website is back?
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    He used to be a member here named @onefortheroad and shipped his handmade boxes all over the world. They are small. I think they might hold 5 grams but certainly not 10. Probably closer to 3 or 4. You can only carry very little snuff and the boxes are not suitable for coarse grinds. What's great about the boxes is the craftsmanship. They're fitted beautifully, the workmanship is superb. He used all sorts of exotic woods and did inlays too.

    Honestly they're not the most practical boxes in the world because of the small size and tight fitting lids. There is a risk of having somebody break the lid if you share your snuff with other people and because the cabinetry is so fine if you don't know how to open it you may never figure it out. They're just beautiful artwork. For yourself if you need a small gorgeous box to carry for the day they'll work.

    A plastic smash box is a lot more practical. It depends very much on whether you love crafts and can live with the size and functionality or whether you are more utilitarian and just want something to carry snuff.

    See if you can find his mailing address online somewhere and contact him that way if the shop isn't online. I have no idea what he's up to these days. He is definitely a good guy and not in it for the money.
  • The other thing nobody has mentioned is this snuffmaster thingy which appears to be simply a snuffbox that gives metered double doses suitable for backhanding. It is available from Toque and direct from the manufacturer in plastic and aluminum.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    I use heartwood wooden snuff boxes with sliding covers all the time!

    I just open a slot about half an inch wide, hold it so that the slot is vertically aligned, and use it like a tap box by tapping on the top surface (which is parallel to the floor).
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    In order to accommodate my snuff sniffing, I dress entirely in black these days.

    I use darker snuffs, so snuff dribbles and spills don't show up on a black shirt after you whisk them away!
  • @howdydave you could take F&T Princes special and go all brown ;)
  • @howdydave you could take F&T Princes special and go all brown ;)
  • A fully loaded Patrick Collins single snuff box contains four grams of HDT, I weighed it before and after on some digital scales. I usually carry two of them, one with a White Indian, and one with a nice fine dry English snuff, which sees me through a day easily. They are beautiful, well designed, strong and generally the best thing since unsliced wholemeal bread. Did I already say beautiful? I wouldn't use them for moist, heavily scented snuffs, although @Basementshaman has pointed out that you can wax the interiors with pipe wax to make them better for such purposes. Frankly, I don't know why Patrick doesn't coat the insides with something for exactly that reason, but he's an artist. He does it the way he does.
  • Does anyone know the reason that, Patrick Collins' webpage has been down?  I know it says a "brief technical interuption.  I just didn't know if any of you knew him, and knew when his page might be back up?


  • edited November 2015 PM
    @markstinson Does anyone know the reason that, Patrick Collins' webpage has been down?  I know it says a "brief technical interuption.  I just didn't know if any of you knew him, and knew when his page might be back up?
    Shoot him an 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I used one of Patrick's boxes for some Dholakia Khamal I think it was and if that isn't heavily scented I don't know what is. I think it depends on the wood. This one did fine, no traces of the Dholakia after dumping it and wiping it a little with a tissue. Some woods are more porous than others. I got lucky with that one. The snuff was in there for a few years!
  • @snuffbox
    Have you any idea what wood your snuff box is made from? If possible, would you be able to upload a photo?
  • I have 4 of Patricks boxes. One is Walnut, one Teak, one Zebrawood, and one is from a red wood (not Redwood) that I can't remember the name of. I will try to get a pic somewhere but don't wait up for me since I'm having computer problems at the moment.

    If I can get a pic I'll also show you the German ones I got because they are better for backhanding.
  • That would be really great if you have the time.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited November 2015 PM
    A Patrick Collins Triple Tech box is what your after that is if you can find one.  They hold about 5 grams and come with a tap out hole, a hidden spoon and a slide top for pinching ( hence the name triple tech because there are 3 ways to snuff from them).  I love em and I have a bunch of them each dedicated to a different style of snuff.  I have a teak, walnut, oak, cherry, zebra wood,  mohagany and a padauk(the red wood one)
  • Awesome I never heard of that model
  • @snufferman I have the time I just don't have an internet connection good enough for anything but text!
  • @snuffbox I see. No problem.

    @n9inchnails that sounds perfect. I'm going to email Patrick Collins now. Have you any idea about how absorbent the different woods are? Do any of them absorb less smells that others?
  • edited November 2015 PM
    deleted post
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @Snufferman, I think Padauk is meant to have some properties that make it a good wood for our purposes. Something about not warping much when it absorbs moisture. But I reckon they are all fine, just don't put snuff in one and leave it for more than a day or two if it's not a really dry, fine snuff. I wouldn't use it for moister SWS and Abraxas snuffs, and probably not for Viking Dark, which are the only moister snuffs I use (and they aren't really that moist). I've been keeping Toque Quit in a padauk box and sometimes not finishing it on the same day and it's been doing fine.
  • Thanks @basement_shaman.  I dropped him an email.

  • Along with what @jakartaboy said (I think he is probably correct) I think teak would be good too. But if you're going to order from Patrick or any other woodworker, just ask them. They will surely know the answer.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited November 2015 PM
    As mentioned above the padauk, teak and cherry are probably the least prone to warping, the hardwoods especially oak are prone to warping in you put in anything but the driest snuffs, I use my oak box for toasts
  • @n9inchnails, ah, that's interesting. I always use my zebra wood box for the driest snuffs. I don't know much about its qualities, whether it's a hard wood like oak. Are you a woodwork guy? I know there's some technical term and a way of measuring how much wood is likely to warp with moisture, but I forget what it is. Floorboard websites sometimes have tables of the figures.
  • My dad is a carpenter so I have some experience with wood.  Actually the zebra wood box doesn't warp that easily, I use mine for Toque rustica and I often put a moist Tonka bean in and let it sit for a few days to absorb the flavor and the snuff gets pretty moist and it hasn't warped on me yet.
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