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Risks of Internet order cigars - question!

Just a question the the knowledgable masses here. I recently ordered a few cigars from a few retailers. My original plan was to stock up the humidor. However I was watching a YouTube video and it explained the new to freeze cigars before you add them to your stash. I do not want a beetle out break, and I do know manufacturers freeze them beforehand. So is it an unnecessary step? Trying to order in the cooler weather to keep it below 70 degrees...


  • I've bought thousands of cigars online during the past 20 years and can remember only one instance of cigar beetles. (From a box of habanos purchased through an individual on a cigar forum.  Several cigars were damaged, but most were fine.)  That was the only time I ever put cigars into the freezer.   IMO, if you purchase from reliable / trusted sources, it's really unnecessary.
  • cpmcdillcpmcdill Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    Here's my advice. I have a collection of cigars I care not to count. They have been resting for upwards of 4 years, and I have not encountered any problems.

    First, don't buy pretty wooden humidors. Get big Igloo coolers, and keep your cigars in those. Get good digital hygrometers and make sure their batteries stay fresh. Use a mix of Boveda packs and Heartfelt beads together in each cooler to maintain a humidity that sticks around 68-70%. Always monitor your coolers, and adjust as needed. Keep a spray bottle of distilled water on hand, and spritz the beads and packs occasionally, and sometimes wetting the lid of the cooler helps. Keep your cigars wrapped if they came like that, and ideally in their spanish cedar boxes. If you got bundles, get some empty cigar boxes to pile them into. It does make a difference.

    Over the course of the year, pay attention to the temperature of various places around your house, and if the room where you keep cigars rises much above 70 degrees, move them to a cooler place, even a basement if needed. Always monitor the temperature and humidity, even if you need to mark reminders on a calendar.

    Oh, and freezing is a last drastic step if you already detect beetles. The freeze/thaw ordeal could affect the quality of the cigars and is more complicated that just tossing the stogies into the coldest part of your fridge. Expansion/contraction of a tightly rolled cigar can cause splitting that will ruin it. Tobacco beetles are somewhat rare, and more likely to happen to those who mix counterfeit Cubans into their humidors and not maintain correct temp/humidity levels.

  • Good quality wooden humidors are fine but they're super expensive. Beetles don't grow spontaneously. Either the tobacco is infested or it isn't. Good cigars from name brands should not have this problem.

    Freezing cigars is a better way to burn money than smoking them.
  • Thanks guys, I will forego the freezing.
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