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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Anson's Imperial. A new snuff from Sir Walter Scott's Fine Border Snuff

A finely milled, slightly moist blend of fermented Burley, Bright Leaf Virginia and Zimbabwe tobaccos, matured with Cr


  • @Johnny your post was truncated but from what I could read it sounds good. This forum doesn't play nice with non-English accents, etc.
  • Anson's Imperial = an apricot snuff?

    @Johnny, if you could repost (here in comments is fine) the full text of the description with diacritic marks omitted, it will not cut off like that.

    Also, how soon until this becomes available at Mr. Snuff?

  • Thankyou cpmcdill - was a bit stumped there !

    It should be on site to-day.

    A finely milled, slightly moist blend of fermented Burley, Bright Leaf Virginia and Zimbabwe tobaccos, matured with Creme de Cacao Blanc and cased with an extract of crushed apricot kernels to create a luxurious, silky, high nicotine snuff.
    Named after Admiral of the Fleet Lord George Anson, who in 1759  was the first person to successfully grow apricots in Britain, at Moor Park, his estate in Hertfordshire 
  • Excellent! I didn't realize apricots were an exotic import. As always, I greet the announcement of a new SWS snuff with pleasure and anticipation.
  • :D Hee hee .. I called it. Anson's Imperial is the name of an heirloom variety of apricots. Guess I'm goin to have to get myself a tin, as apricots are one of my top favorite fruits.

  • Just placed an order looking forward to it!!
  • @cpmcdill I agree! I remember my grandparents had a glorious apricot tree that eventually got some kind of rot and had to be cut down. It was like when the family dog died. But do note that Johnny talks of crushed apricot KERNELS, so I doubt it will be a sweet, fruity snuff. Just the way a violet snuff that is made of tincture of the whole plant doesn't smell exactly like the sweet scent of the flowers but still has some relationship to it, I think this will be a more pungent, savoury scent.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Never fails. 24 hours after my last MS order ships, something exciting gets released. Ahh, se la vie. Next time!
  • MouseMouse Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    Couldn't resist ordering some. As to apricots, I've got a 5-year-old Siberian apricot tree, hasn't borne yet though it did have a few flowers this past summer. Nothing finer than a tree-ripened apricot.
  • I just got this in today. In short, another wonderful masterpiece by Johnny. There is a sweet nuttiness with a hint of apricot melded with rich white cocoa and the underlying rich tobacco flavor. Smooth and moist and very easy to take. I love this stuff and will buy some more next order to Mr Snuff.
  • I feel your pain @Hitsuzen!
  • @lunecat  A very happy birthday to you - enjoy the Ansons
  • Can't wait for my order.. 7 more days! :(
  • Just got this. It has that undeniable 'feel' of quality, even luxury, about it. Slightly fluffy and silky at the same time,!and a darker brown than I expected. A top note of marzipan, which after a moment starts floating on the white cacao. After a minute, there's quite a bit of lovely sweetness. It finishes with sweetness and tobacco. The tobacco is not hugely long lasting, before giving over to the sweetness which intensifies towards the end. Even though I'm not a huge fan of marzipan (which I knew would be there from the apricot kernels ... but bought some nevertheless) I'm totally in awe of the subtlety of Sir Johnny's creations, and this is no exception!
  • edited November 2015 PM
    @Hitsuzen Member
    Never fails. 24 hours after my last MS order ships, something exciting gets released. Ahh, se la vie. Next time!
    That is a phenomenon called @Stogie law around these parts. Stogies law also refers to just after you hit the send button you forgot to add something to your order. 
    #-o ~X(
    This seems like an interesting snuff looking forward to hear more about how good it is.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • WOW I am blown away how delicious Anson's Imperial snuff is. This is a real treat not overly sweet just right. Kudos with the packaging also, the wide mouth jar makes for it's own snuff box, Very easy to grab massive pinches.  Excellent job creating yet another masterpiece .   ^:)^ =D>
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I agree with @basement_shaman, really hi quality snuff. I love the packaging too. High end and functional. Very pretty.
    I will definitely order + 50gr next order, definitely need to have this one on hand.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Just ordered some :D I can't wait to try it after all these good reviews
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited December 2015 PM
    Well, I finally got around to trying my sample of this snuff. It's very interesting. I don't get much fruit to it at all. If I tried it blind, I'd say it had more of a nutty flavour. I still think most people hear are just hearing the word "apricot" and not taking into account that Johnny said apricot KERNELS. A different thing, and possibly closer to nut than fruit. Apparently, Johnny found his first try a bit sour, so he added some creme de cacao to sweeten it slightly. Even so, none of the SWS snuffs are really very sweet at all, and all the better for that.

    The tobacco is good, reminds me of a slightly smoother, less punchy Viking Dark.

    I tried this just after polishing off a tin of Roslein. While I like this new one, for me it's still not quite in the same league. For me, the best of the SWS "desert" snuffs are creme de figue and Roslein, with this a runner up. I still haven't tried the licorice one, whatever it's name is, although I have a 15 gram tin in my fridge. Lundy Foot and Havana Toast are in a separate class, and can't really be compared with this. I've tried the Thrice Brewed before, but I don't really remember it well. I also have a good size container of that in my fridge. Something to look forward to!

    EDITED: I take it back about not being able to taste the fruit. Yes, definitely an apricot fruit scent in there. But something more like the smell of dried apricots rather than the taste of fresh fruit. Still definitely not a sweet fruity snuff at all.

    FURTHER EDIT: Not really like Viking Dark much at all. Silkier and smoother. But a good base tobacco. I often wonder what Johnny's snuffs would be like if we just tried the base, without the additional scents. I think they would still be good. In fact, that should be a general rule: if a scented snuff wouldn't work without the scent, it's probably a mediocre snuff. The scent should be like sauce on meat, it should just bring out the flavour.

    FINAL EDIT: I have to add some praise for Fields of Juniper, which is much more the type of snuff that I'd use all day (fine, dry). Except I very much doubt I'd use it everyday, all day. It just seems a bit too .... fey? I save it for when I'm feeling in a sensitive, poetic mood. Or for black tie events. If I went to the opera, I'd take a box of it with me. Except I can't stand opera. But it's a lovely, sophisticated, subtle snuff. Everyday would be Havana Toast or possibly Lundy Foot (although I still prefer HDT to the latter).
  • Surprised we don't mention this gem more often.

    If you snuff Toque & SD, WoS or McCrystals apricots you won't find those apricots here. All fine snuffs in their own right (SD & Toque my favorite of those) but they stand apart because they smell of fruit.

    Anson's Imperial to me is first a wonderful blend of tobaccos. No heavy smokiness, though maybe a dash hidden in there. Any apricot, assuming mine is fresh enough to still have it, plays no larger a role than any one of the tobaccos in the blend. And the result is, to my nose, superb. The texture is fine but somehow fluffy, and has kept just enough moisture to make it easily snuffable.

    Not the strongest in the line to my perception but full aroma that sticks around.

    Bravo Sir @Johnny
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