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Vanilla snuff?

What is your preferred Vanilla snuff?

I myself am looking for a vanilla scented snuff that is more like the room note of a great vanilla or vanilla cream pipe tobacco. Anyone have any vanilla's like I described? Thank you all :-)


  • I don't have much experience with the pipe tobaccos, but I've had a few vanilla snuffs, and Samuel Gawith Vanilla might be what you're looking for.  It has kind of a natural, nice vanilla scent.  If you like Samuel Gawith's base tobacco you'd like this - you get the smell of the tobacco and vanilla... maybe like vanilla pipe tobacco?
  • Thanks Sean ??
  • Sorry did emoticon thumbs up and it made question marks wasn't trying to be a smart ass lol
  • I've only tried the Wilson's version, but to me it's exactly what you're looking for.
  • Great will try both! ;-)
  • If those snuffs are not Vanilla enough, cut a fresh Vanilla Bean and add into your snuff box. Tonka beans also work when you can find them.
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  • Good idea thnx
  • Toque Vanilla is a good snuff.
  • I'll second Toque Vanilla, my tin is over 5 years old and stale as hell but it still has a nice vanilla flavour
  • I like SG and Toque. Not tried any others yet
  • +1 for Toque Vanilla-- finishing my tin up as we speak :]
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