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General Vape Talk

I know at least a few of you vape. Share your setups, what juice you're using and ask any vape related questions in here.
Currently using the Atlantis on my Darkwood v2 wooden parallel box mod. Just picked up this juice today and it's spot on Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You can clearly taste the cereal, the sweet milk and a hint of cinnamon. Really nice!



  • I have a Halo Reactor with a Halo sub ohm tank. It came with 30mL of Belgian Chocolate. I've also got some Kind Juice sub element coming that I plan on trying. Other than that, I have JUUL with some coco miint.
  • well, make me feel inadequate haha. Sigelei 100w Plus, with a Smok TVF4 Mini and a Uwell Crown. I like clouds. Lots of them.

    As for juice, not tried a lot. I use 13th Floor Elevapors as my ADV (in the Smok), because its quite plain, inoffensive and decent vapour. Got Cosmic Charlie's Boogie because I like blueberry vapes, and an Element Fresh Squeeze I'm trying to gently blend with other juice because its disgusting on its own, and has ruined a coil. 
  • Currently I'm on a black NEBOX, with a discount juice that tastes of bubblegum, berries and chocolate. I have no need to go crazy on wattage. 25-30 does all I want it to. I generally vape when at work or out and about as I find hauling around a bunch of pipe related stuff a pain the butt, and no smoking in the company car. 
     With the Kanger RBA deck I'm saving a bundle on coils but spending more on wire, wick, tools....once I get a stash built up it'll be much cheaper than $5 a week coils.
  • I like clouds, hence the Sub Ohm tanks/coils, which need the extra wattage. I vape at about 70-90 depending on mood, coils, air temperature, and wether or not i care at that moment how long the coil lasts haha.
  • I like clouds too. I get plenty of cloud with my low watts. Seems to be a fine line between clouds and fog machine. lol 
  • Just picked up Velocity clone RDA, first coils i put on it were perfect- but my juice gunked it up. now ive gone through loads of wire and cant seem to match it. ah well. still prefer it to the tanks apart from the leaking. 
  • I've been using the eGo type system for quite a while now, and it has been working reasonably well for me. It has been a big help for me since ditching the cigs, but I want to keep the momentum going, and wean off the vape too.

    Earlier this evening, I had found 6 packs of cartomisers at the back of a drawer for the old style cigarette like system. I'd thrown all the old batteries and chargers away ages ago. I know it's an inferior system, but when you're planning on weaning off, that sounds like a smart move to me. It's easier to quit something rubbish than something good, right? So I decided to take a step backwards, and order a couple of batteries and a charger.

    I've got about 50ml or 60ml of vape fluid left, which I'd hope would last me at least a couple of weeks. After that I'll step back to the ye olde crappy model for the next few weeks. I got the batteries really cheap too, effectively for the cost of 30ml of vape fluid and they'll come with 4 free carts as well.
  • Received the batteries yesterday, and giving them and the new (free) carts a test drive today. I forgot how conveniently sized these ones are. Vape production is about what I'd expect from the ego-esque system too.

    I know folks don't rate these cigalikes highly compared to the vape pens and mods, but if you're using then as quit aids as opposed to a follow on hobby (which most folks seem to do), they are perfectly fine and better than other NRT offerings
  • The plan backfired!

    All was well while testing out the batteries on one of the new cartridges that came free with them. I then opened up one of the boxes of old carts, and when I took the covers off the end, all the vape juice pissed out everywhere. The old carts that I bought new batteries to use up, have essentially expired, so I've wasted my money on the batteries.


    Oh well, I'll switch back to the ego system, gradually finish off the vape juice I have, trying to wean off slowly as I go, and aim to quit vaping once all the juice has gone (if not before). The few remaining new carts I do have will just act as a safety net in case of difficult moments.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    I've been trying to lose weight recently, and the result has been massive cigarette cravings - bizzarre after more than 12 years, but I suppose it just proves how addictive they are. Anyway - went and bought an e-cig as a less dangerous alternative. It's an e-Leaf iStick Basic, and it's great. Produces massive clouds, and Charlie's Chalk Dust Honey Badger provides a small amount of nicotine and a delightfully sweet flavour. If these things had been around thirty years ago I might never have taken up cigarettes!
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Wow! Cravings after 12 years! I'm only a month in, and was hoping to see the back of them soon. :P Those false cravings are a real bitch, and certainly make life adjustments all the more challenging.

    @Justin I would certainly recommend increasing your fluid intake, even if you don't feel thirsty. It's amazing how much of a difference it can make (and vaping can dehydrate you too)
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