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What pipe tobaccos make good snuff?

Ive been smoking pipe tobacco for awhile now. I have a pretty modest stash (no aromatics) and was wondering which tobaccos make good snuff?

I was thinking of Sam gawiths 1792 might make a good one.


  • Only way to find out is to try it. I do recommend getting the tobacco very dry before milling it, then deciding after it is finely ground how much moisture, if any, needs to be added back in.

    Generally the best pipe tobaccos for snuff are completely uncased and untopped, so they will not have any PG or other humectants, nor any sweet goop to make the tobacco too sticky/clumpy to mill. For example, the various blends by Daughters & Ryan are uncased and already quite dry right out of the bag.

  • Thanks. I think I have some d&r tobaccos about. I'll take a look at my cellar see what will work.
  • From my personal experiments any Samuel Gawith's rope will do the trick. Tryed made a snuff from SG BXX and it was very intese and strong one. Maybe SG Brown No.4 will made decent snuff too. And also GH ropes will work too. Jack
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited December 2015 PM

    cool, I have some xxx. Ill give it a try. I wonder if best brown will make some decent snuff too.

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