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Ultimate pocket Snuffbox

Well, actually it is a very well made plastic tube. They are marketed to carry fountain pen ink for travel but are air and water tight and weigh nothing in the pocket. You can easily tap out your snuff onto the back of your hand or a boxcar. They even come with labels and you can get 10 of them for $2.95 (US). The threads are on the outside so that they don't get clogged with snuff. These work perfect for me and allow me to bring along as many different snuffs as I want to through the day. Easy to fill with a snuff spoon and easy to clean out. Just thought I would share this with those that are frustrated by smashbox spillage and want a more portable and airtight solution to a traditional snuff box.

What I do is still bring my main snuff in a plastic snuff box and then those I am sampling/trying in these tubes.


  • image
  • We have 5g reagent vials at work almost exactly like that but flat, not conical bottom, that I use. Agreed they work great.
  • While I like the thought of settling down to one brand at a time I seem to not get under carrying 7-8 brands at a time, lol
  • DireWolfDireWolf Member
    edited December 2015 PM

    Interesting.  I have a few biological lab sample vials a friend sent me, that are for liquid, and graduated to 1.8 mL.  They are nice, but a bit small.  Those look much better.  As I snuff more, this is an ever increasing head scratcher for me.  I have a small wood box on the way, but I think I'll try some of these too.

    Edit:  Just ordered 50.  What a deal.

  • 786 @1holegrouper, thank you!  Those look brilliant.
  • Not stylish but practical. Not bad .
  • Herne, Style is just as important as practicality if not more!
  • How is the Bernard Snuff box and the Black Snuff Box on MrSnuff accessories page?
  • @AlKindiSnuff they are a bit on the large side for me but I guess they'd be fine for a heavy user.
  • @AlKindiSnuff the Bernards are huge probably fit 50 or more grams the black box is a bit more comfortable for the pocket may fit 10 to 15 grams and has a slide on the side for tap out. Pretty durable  but the slide will wear out over time. still a good deal for a plastic box. they had 5 colors I had got all them.And the lime green I painted chrome .the paint shows no sign of wear after 3 years   
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    I have a large collection of snuff boxes, It was an obsession when I had money to spend . if you like a nice bottle to wear as a necklace  or just sit around the house these Raku bottles are  great and Inexpensive! bottle&_sacat=0&_odkw=raku&_osacat=0&_trksid=m194&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSRCHX:SRCH
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  • basement shaman, how much do those Raku bottles hold?
  • edited December 2015 PM
    @tboyer depends on the size, mostly Three to Five grams.My largest one is the greenman, they're  also good to carry oils in for aromatic uses.Of course you need a small funnel to load them. 
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  • By far my preferred method is the pinch. As such the plastic boxes sold on MrSnuff and the Toque tins take some beating in my opinion. If I can't pinch from it, I don't want to carry it
  • Chicago_CAChicago_CA Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    At one point i bought some small plastic 3g "paint pots" from an art supply store.just wide enough to dip a finger into for a modified pinch/plug. So i could hav an assortment thats discrete to use at my desk at work. Got to the point though i had two or three of them in every drawer because i just kept wanting a bigger selection, it got a lil out of hand so i ditched that and just keep a few of the 5g WoS tins now.
  • I use contact lens holders to take with me and the little glas spoon bottle or just a Tab box
  • The Toque Flask attached to my key ring can't leave home without some snuff holds close to ten grams and keeps snuff fresh for a long time.20160427_080514
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  • @basement_shaman wow that's pretty nice! Could never buy duck that cheap where I live
  • Currently eyeing up Babaton Blue tubs as a potential option for recycling
  • I love me vintage boxes, 2 silver from early 1900s, 2 wood, guessing mid 1900s
  • A snuff box for every occasion. Enjoy my gallery  :)) 20160419_111306
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  • And one more 20160430_094902
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  • That's a heck of a collection there Shaman! Some really nice pieces in there. Are they all functional, or are some of them past their operational best?
  • edited April 2016 PM
    @50ft_trad there a few with issues, one horn box in pic 2 have a crack and the 2 burl boxes on the bottom have hinge defects, The 4 papier mache in the last photo in that collection are past their usefulness. just too delicate to carry. I have used them all at one point.

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  • @basement_shaman - seeing your collection from the other site about a year ago is what inspired me to really give snuff a go as it combined my love of tobacco and gear acquisition...have collected more than several snuff boxes, bottles, flasks, books. Other than @chefdaniel your collection, knowledge, and humor have inspired me the most in this awesome lifestyle of tobacco, snuff in particular.
  • @Trackerdex My father told me when I was very young to do something with my life. I decided to be a bad influence. I am happy your enjoying the journey.   8-X 8-X 8-X 8-X 8-X 8-X
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