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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

A can of can-smelling snuff

dasrdasr Member
edited December 2015 in Other Forms of Tobacco
why does makla smell like poo? why only makla and what is it? does some other snuff/chew also has that smell?


  • 786  Hi @dasr!  Some tobacco fermentation processes yield a product having what I call a "bucolic" aroma; very much like cow excrement.  Many good Indian snuffs use such tobacco, and they (usually) can pull it off as it becomes one of a chorus of exotic scents which intoxicate the senses.  
    I've never had makla, but makla is fermented, sometimes in an iron vessel; so that may explain the smell.
  • Its a combination of the fermentation itself and the container it happens in. Careful, makla is more carcinogenic than snuff and swedish snus (though i suppose so is bacon). cant remember the exact level though. but my god is that makla some good stuff.
  • edited December 2015 PM
    It looks like poo too. And kicks like a mule! I don't like the texture too many sticks in the mix.I do like the Africaine Bentchikou; only one I tried.

    Shems looks interesting with a lemon flavor

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