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Wilsons of Sharrow Royal George

Medium fine and on the moister side, so it's quite easy to take. The tin note was rather off-putting. Its soapiness reminded me of Wilson's French Carotte. I'm glad I gave it a try though, as I fell in love with it after a single pinch.
The first scent I got was mellow vanilla, followed by a sweet, slightly roasted almond aroma. The scents linger in the nose for some time and when they start fading away, I get a hint of something earthy, floral and bitter.
A wonderful snuff, perfect for the cold January days. Medium nicotine content.


  • I love this snuff too though I haven't had any in probably two years.

    Another nice thing about this one is it will open your nose if it's clogged just like a white snuff and unlike a menthol.
  • I ordered some of this, reading this just makes me glad that did. Thanks @jernej
  • 786 Royal George was one of the first snuffs I ever fell in love with.
    Ponies seem to be in two camps: either they love it or they hate it (the latter is frankly incomprehensible to me, but to each their own).
  • I just got mine in the mail, and I like it.  @jeffcraft1 brought this snuff up in a thread not long ago, and so I ordered it.  He mentioned that he thinks it has a Dr. Pepper flavor to it, and I have to agree.  
  • Unfortunately I just can't get on with it, too floral for me, very heavy on the violet.
  • I've recently revisited Royal George and found a new liking for it. It's been sitting in a small glass jar in a drawer for ages, and I kept passing it by due to how potent the scent was. For me, it is a scent I can really enjoy a pinch of when I'm in the mood, but it's not something I could use frequently. A nice one to take a random pinch of during an extended SP session
  • I've only been snuffing Royal George for a few days now, but I'm really enjoying it.  Talc and marzipan.  I get no Dr. Pepper though... hmm
  • This one reminds me too much of baby powder. Not a huge fan. Maybe my nose will warm up to it one day.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    My wife loves this one better than she does me! I find it quite nice as well, both the texture and almond-y aroma
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