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41 Photo White Elephant

Consistency: It seems like this tobacco has been treated with some alkaline chemical substance and powdered.

Scent: I used to work as a train conductor on freight rail. The stuff smells exactly like the blue chemical toilet water on our locomotives. Or think of a portable toilet at a county fair in the summer heat.

This stuff is hard to take as everyone knows.. What I will disagree with is the overblown nicotine claims. I did a fair amount in order to replace my morning cigarette, but this stuff could not replace my Marlboro reds. The nicotine is noticeable but not really on par with the claims that get thrown around.


  • Never tried it, though I intend to in the fullness of time just to see if it lives up to the legend. Have you tried toque rustica? Maybe it doesn't work for you but it blows my mind. Horses for courses an' all that. It certainly is more than a match for my 3 or 4 early morrning roll-ups of yore.
  • When I first got my tin of WE, it kind of smelled like fish food to me, and with plenty of other snuffs on hand that smelled better, I put this one away for a while.  Maybe a month later, I went back to it, and the bad smell left.  Now, I like the tobacco scent to it and use WE daily.  If I'm craving nicotine, I go for White Elephant... which makes no sense considering Rustica is apparently way stronger... something about it.  Maybe White Elephant is made with rustica too?  Never know - though I imagine someone here on Snuffhouse knows.  
  • Rustica smells exactly like ants' eggs fish food to me but what the hell - it's a small price to pay for the shattering nicotine (and god knows what other stuff ) blast it delivers.
  • Yeah I do a lot of WE, like all day. I read somewhere that it was Indian rustica but I might be mistaken.

    This is one of those snuffs that seems to grow on some. First time I tried it it was tricky to do as it's completely pulverized but soon after I pinch it like anything else.

    Not sure about the nicotine levels but it probably has some.

    I find it a bit messy but once in the nose almost no drip at all and I like the scent- better than I like dholakia white ( which is very good too ).

    I came into this hobby after the mythology of WE, so don't know about that but it seems to do the job well and I haven't OD'd yet :-)
  • Well, my name is JakartaBoy and I am a nicotine addict. I may not have had a cigarette for seven years, but I am and will always remain an addict. Only by surrendering to a higher power and by constantly consuming White Elephant and Dholakia White am I able to remain sober.

    Seriously, it's got a fair whack of nicotine in it. And I generally take the stronger, natural snuffs, so I'm not a neophyte. I can get a mild case of niccups if I take a lot of it with my morning coffee, before I've had anything to eat.

    I'd just say that this thing about nicotine isn't linear. Does a fine snuff have more nicotine in it, or does it just enter the blood more quickly? A coarse snuff builds up slowly? All that kind of stuff affects your perceptions.

    Personally, I don't find rustica all that satisfying. It's probably not that it's lacking nicotine, it just doesn't taste or feel like tobacco to me. It tastes like spinach.
  • Talking of perception, I certainly don't get 'spinach' from rustica, but fishy, decomposing grass for sure! Sounds dreadful but actually no - maybe I'm just odd. Isn't W.E. the one that's described as sweaty, heaving bodies in a crowded market place on a very hot day, or something like that!? Not sure I want to go there now but if someone could confirm ( or otherwise ) that it has better nicotine than rustica, I'll take a chance and to hell with the flavour. Ye, I'm a hopeless nicotine addict too...
  • I would say that White Elephant smells of armpit, vinegar, gunpowder and fish. Oddly enough, it's one of my favourites.
  • I'll take back the low nicotine comment. After I mixed some W.E with some Toque peanut butter I snuffed a bit more than I usually would. Got my first case of hiccups matter of fact.
  • WE is extremely off putting at first but it grows on you quickly. I love the stuff and won't ever be without it.
  • I am sorry if anyone was mislead by the description of WE that mr snuff uses . That was from a batch from 5 or 6 years ago when you could only get it from some guy in india. At 10 dollars a tin plus shipping. It was stronger than the current batch but this too can change. I never leave home without some. I do have some of the old stuff around and it does still kick heavy. I don't feel it is any harder to use than an American scotch. Now I was kind of disappointed in the yellow lily plain seems they forgot the nicotine or maybe I expected too much. But I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try a white snuff with training wheels. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • that was my experience with Yellow Lilly, too. Maybe it is made from yellow lillies instead of tobacco.
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    I think there's a good amount of variations between batches and with aging but it's definitely my bread and butter snuff. I do remember a batch years ago which had way more of a sweet pistachio smell and was also perhaps somewhat stronger, but maybe that was just a batch that had been aging for some time. The stuff I have now in bulk is much more like DWhite but less sharp and generally more pleasant to me, also a more yellow color but not as yellow as that old batch.

    Strength-wise it's as strong as anything else IMO. No snuff will really make me feel the same hit as a few big drags on a cigarette that I've had. 

    The nice thing about WE is it's so fine you can use small doses and it's almost the same color as my skin, so I can do it at work without being too ridiculous.

    When I'm in a phase of really regular snuffing I can go through 25g a week of WE easily on top of other snuffs.
  • funny I never got that fishy stank from WE that I've read about. fresh tin definitely has ammonia and there is a trace of fish food perhaps but to my nose it's a subdued tobacco scent that is so dry and fine, seems very neutral. Its scent is there but underneath the powder. I think that may be why I can do so much because it doesn't seem to have a strong enough scent, for me to get tired of...?
    I agree with @horus92, it is less sharp than D White. Ive never had a yellowish batch but more pale pale tan.
    I can verify that the batches do change over time.
  • It's the snuff I use most often, too, except that I cycle between Dholakia White, White Elephant and Cheeta. I can't honestly draw a huge distinction between the first two. The variations between batches of each product seem at least as significant as the variations between them. I like the picture on the WE tin, I'm sentimental about elephants, but I order whatever is handy. The Cheeta, of course, has a distinct whiff of perfume.
  • As a long time smoker (now having quit for several months), I don't know that any nasal snuff can compete with the immediate nicotine satisfaction of a cigarette. I tried the most powerful snuffs I saw people talking about, only to finally realize that I'd probably snuff my brains out before equalling my old morning cigarette.

    Snuff, like snus, is entirely different from cigarettes in both nicotine content and mode of delivery, so we shouldn't expect the same type of... gratification, for lack of a better word. Each is its own unique beast.
  • In peer reviewed testing it was found only "experienced" snuffers obtained the same levels of nicotine in the blood as smokers, so just stick with it, you will be fine if you give it a chance.

    Also, if you wait until you are really craving, then pinch every minute or so until it's gone the next time you are craving and you do the same it's like your body is kind of waiting for that mode of delivery and the satisfaction is increased. After a while, after switching over, feeding a big craving is so satisfying you just want to sit there and close your eyes and let the pleasure roll over you. I'm assuming at least, like most things in life, I'm not unique in that regard.
  • @lunecat I still haven't tried Madras, but it'll be in my next order. I tried Taxi Red, but that's as brutal as it's gotten for me thus far.

    @snuffsahoy I'm not looking for a snuff hit that equals a cigarette personally, though early on I was. I see a lot of new snuffers complaining about the difference in the nic hit, and I just don't know that there's a snuff that can deliver in that same way. Maybe you're right... I don't know. I'm just enjoying snuff for what it is; I replaced cigs with snus.
  • I was never really a smoker but my understanding is that your body creates a tolerance for nicotine, just like any other drug. So even if a smoker who is used to higher levels of nic starts to use snuff, it would be a matter of time for your body to adjust its tolerance level to the "lower" intake.
    Of course in the meantime one would have cravings for the higher level, until the body adjusts.
    I don't know , just my 2 cents.
  • I read a research paper online, don't remember the source, but the conclusion was that a heavy snuff user

    received as much or more nicotine than a smoker. There is a lot that goes along with smoking.

    The mouth feel, the taste, and the lung hit. I believe that once you replace those with a snuff ritual,

    you will feel the nicotene. Everyone will snuff differently.

    I use white elephant as a chaser. A small amount in each nostril after my chosen snuff.

    This has been effective enough to replace my regular smoking. Heavy use for me is 4 or 5 times an hour,

    light is 2 times an hour.

    Just my opinion and experience.
  • I assume the pigment
    used in White Elephant is titanium dioxide, used throughout the food
    and cosmetics industry for whitening purposes (e.g. in toothpaste,
    mozzarella, sunscreen or vitamin tablets). Titanium dioxide is also a conveniently odourless powder and so perfectly suited for this type of adulteration. It's not usually considered harmful
    when eaten or applied to the skin, but it is regarded as potentially damaging and carcinogenic when
    , with finer particles (as might be found in this very snuff)
    being the most dangerous since they can lodge deep in the lungs.

    I've learnt not to
    criticise individual snuffs because it's all so subjective anyway, but an
    exception in this case is justified. Until the manufacturer assures
    us that the pigment isn't titanium dioxide or anything else harmful, I'd say this adulterated
    snuff has no place in anyone's nose.

  • I've grown older variants of current Indian tobacco strains that when milled are very light in color.

    Furthermore there are processes for bleaching tobacco that have been in use for decades.

    I would think it the first option, sun cured which can also slightly bleach the tobacco leaf that is responsible for the color of the product, perhaps with a small percentage of lime which is pure white that is responsible for the strength of white tobaccos. Furthermore the more you do to age and cure a leaf the more it browns and the lower the nicotine level becomes, so as mark of strength all these things would point to a white product being nothing more than a minimally aged leaf perhaps with some lime added to freebase the nicotine on the fly on contact with moisture in the nose.

    Occam's razor would suggest it is the simpler more direct approach outlined above and not some adulterant as listed, but I also have no way of knowing for sure.
  • @Hapax   That's a pretty mighty statement to make without posting a shred of evidence to back it up...
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    Yes, I wouldn't assume that there is necessarily any pigment at all, let alone a carcinogenic one, and least of all with no evidence. I've seen cigars about the color of Dholakia White, and I'm pretty sure they haven't been dipped in carcinogenic coloring agents, either.
  • Tried the infamous White Elephant today for the first time, nice nicotine kick but not as strong as I expected/feared.  I think it's going to be one of my favorites, both by itself and in mixtures. By itself, the challenge for me is not taking it straight to the back of the throat because it is so fine and dusty ... I didn't sneeze like some people, nor did I turn red in the face like some of the first-time users in the YouTube videos, but I did cough each time I tried it.  That's not a problem when I mix it with other coarser, more moist snuffs ... goes very well with Wow Coconut Toffee, I must say.  :)

    One thing I particularly liked about the WE packaging is the plastic seal inside of the tin ... I just tore off part of the plastic seal instead of all of it ... that way, I can get into it without getting it all over the place.
  • snuffvilliansnuffvillian Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    ''One thing I particularly liked about the WE packaging is the plastic seal inside of the tin ... I just tore off part of the plastic seal instead of all of it ... that way, I can get into it without getting it all over the place.''
    @nostalgicnose ...and specially useful if the tin has some inclination to drop accidentally #:-S
  • edited February 2016 PM
    I believe Hapax;    :^o I think everyone should send all their White Elephant to me so I can dispose of it properly up my nose. :^o
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • WE isn't hard to take at all using the process I saw described on YouTube, wherein you take a deep breath to where your lungs are nearly full to maximum capacity, then sniff. I've had zero issues since adopting that technique, but YMMV. Regardless, WE is a favorite.
  • Just take enough snuff and one day you'll notice whites are easy to take. Happened with me, one day just noticed it's no harder to take than anything else, dunno what changed, think maybe all the scotch, toast and madras made the next step happen automatically, because I do remember having to do tricks like the full breath or dropping your Adams apple, but, yeah, it's no big deal now. Less than one year snuffing too.
  • I want to try this one so bad, but sadly not available in my city and I see no way to get it from the maker directly. I'll keep trying though. 
  • I have just received this today hence I will reserve my comments after experiencing this more. I think this is more of the proverbial "acquired taste" kind of snuff, and I don't want to be judgmental about it so soon due to its smell alone. Is there any clue as to what this is made of exactly? I read somewhere about it is made of some root as well (cant find that thread now).
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