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Why is snuff so cheap?

....compared to other forms of tobacco? I used to spend more on RYO in a coupla weeks than I'll spend in a year on snuff! Not that I'm complaining, mind.


  • Snuff is not taxed.  I think this was an effort by the UK government to encourage snuff use over smoking due to lessened risk of health hazards.  Someone will assuredly correct me if I'm wrong.  =)
  • Here's a good page regarding this topic.
  • Currently I am still smoking, and in my state my Marlboro smooths are $6.12 a pack. Hence why ordered an ungodly amount of Snuff lol. Fine with me. !!!
  • RYO is around
  • Highest I've paid in Seattle is $12 and change, but runs around $8-10 a pack most places outside of the city proper.  Crazy, and very hard to justify.

    I'm 32. My Grandfather told me he quit smoking because it got too expensive... at $5 a carton!
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    Snuff is efficient. You don't use much raw material. If we say that a reasonably greedy snuff user uses five grams a day -- that's about what I'm on -- that's about the same weight as two cigarettes. In Australia, where tobacco tax is calculated on the basis of weight, not as a proportion of the sales price, snuff is about the only affordable form of tobacco, although even then the tax far outweighs the product cost (Incidentally, that means that the cost of the most expensive premium snuffs is only marginally higher than the cheapest bargain basement product). I even saw a website that suggested saving money by making nasal snuff out of Lucky Strike no filters. You could do worse, I guess, but you can find much better tobacco around in my neck of the woods for a lower price. Incidentally, a pack of ciggies in Australia sets you back close to twenty bucks.

    EDIT: Actually, weight-for-weight, snuff is one of the most expensive forms of tobacco. Abraxas and SWS are close to a dollar a gram. At that price, a pack of cigarettes would be fifty bucks. I don't know what the per gram weight of a good Havana cigar is, interesting to hear from someone who knows.
  • You're paying for time. Or at least I am, since it's so easy to make a decent snuff I don't think the mass producers can charge much more than they do now. As always small handmade artisanal products will always demand a premium, be it snuff or bread.

    But like bread while it's hard to make some fancy artisanal loaf it's incredibly easy to toss the ingredients together in a machine and get something decent all by yourself.

    So I don't think snuff is cheap, nor expensive. They seem pretty fair.
  • Dunno what happened to my post starting 'RYO is around'...must've passed out or summat. Anyway..
    here in the UK RYO is around
  • Is summat wrong with this site or my phone? My posts keep getting truncated!
  • @fj1988 if you use non-ascii characters the post gets truncated, I assume you were typing the pound sign? I don't know why this is still happening, it should be an easy fix for them.
  • slobandtomslobandtom Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    786  I was actually having the same problem a few days ago, also from my 'phone.  As soon as I typed a few capital letters in a row (I was trying to type NC Arya) the browser would crash.  This happened four times in a row.  I find it interesting that @fj1988 was also typing several capital letters in a row at the point where his posts were getting cut off.  

  • And there's me thinking snuffhouse didn't want me around anymore! Best keep things simple in future. Anyway.... in England good roll-up baccy is around 18-19 pounds for 50g, your 'average' snuff is around 3 pounds and fifty pence for 25g. That makes snuff seem dirt cheap and roll-up tobacco horribly expensive, to me.
  • 786 Eighteen pounds! That's a king's ransom!
  • SnuffSlingerSnuffSlinger Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    Hey @slobandtom I'm sure you get this all the time but why the "786" on every post.
  • I figured ocd,

  • slobandtomslobandtom Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    786 It's kind of like how Thelemites use 93 and Discordians use 23. :)
    ( @SnuffSlinger, @snuffsahoy I'll send a pm)
  • So..... ocd then?
  • Other forms of tobacco are recognized vices, consequentially, the government taxes the crap out of them.
  • 786 Then let's hope our legislators remain uncultured Philistines and never read one of the many books from bygone eras which describe snufftaking as a vice!
    When I was a youth and came across such references I was always like, "vice!? They're just sneezing!" (At the time I was biased by the pinch of Garrett my dad had given me from the back of his hand when I was eight or nine; therefore I believed that snuff was something one took in order to make oneself sneeze)
  • I'm hoping for a tepid resurgence. =)  Enough that we continue the trend of innovation and premium quality from the "new" guys like Old Mill and Abraxas... but not so much that we attract the ever-hungry eyes of the overlords.
  • Snuff may be inexpensive but to ship it from overseas is not.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I've got the best of both worlds - here in the UK snuff is cheap and the postage is peanuts. Please forgive my ignorance ( I'm new to this ) but is nasal snuff illegal / unobtainable in the States or something??
  • Snuff is not widely available in the retail space for much of the US.  Outside of the southeast, I'd say it's officially rare.

    I am the only snuff taker I know of IRL, and reactions from my fellow 'Muricans range from apprehensive curiosity, to outright distrust/disgust.  People seem to have hangups about things going in their nose, so I always ask them in return why they feel that imbibing combusted tobacco through their soft, no-longer-pink lungs is any less disturbing.  =)
  • @fj1988, I've never quite got to the bottom of it myself, but apparently there is an American law known as "the PACT Act" which forbids the transport of tobacco through the US postal service, with some weird exemptions for pipe tobacco and cigars and also not affecting shipments from overseas. It's more or less legal to sell in shops, but hard to find because the market is small. Does that make sense now? No, me neither. But by all credible accounts, that's the way it works.

    I wonder if you could set up an online snuff shop in Puerto Rico or Mexico to get around this?
  • I recall hearing the reason USA can receive shipments of snuff from UK is due to an old treaty that says if it is legal to ship a product within either country, it is legal to ship between the countries.  All I know is... if I lose my Mr. Snuff I will be a very sad snuffer.
  • @jakartaboy @fj1988 with the PACT law it is illegal to ship smokeless tobacco or cigarettes via mail, full stop. However, the loophole is that there is no provision in the law for it to interfere with international shipping, so long as it is legal to ship tobacco via mail in the country of origin. That's my understanding anyway.

    As for why not mexico or puerto rico. Puerto rico is a US territory governed by US federal law. Not sure about mexico, but I'm not sure I would want to be shipping powdered anything from there legal or not.
  • In the USA the PACT Act forbids USPS shipping and requires sellers to remit tobacco taxes for each city, county, state per order. All American sellers couldn't handle the added paperwork. The law that gives the FDA authority over tobacco products killed most snuff B&M sales as the manufacturer is required to release a complete ingredient list for each recipe.Along with tons of paperwork( expensive and bothersome). Toque was the only snuff manufacturer willing to meet those requirements.  The American scotch snuff guys had no problems as they are owned by huge tobacco. 
  • @bigmick thanks for the explaination, makes much more sense than what I'd been told previously.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited January 2016 PM
    @SHbickel I'm not sure about the US but that is the treaty Canada has with the UK.  As long as it is legal to ship in the UK Canada Post has to deliver it even if the product is illegal in Canada.  I doubt the same is true for the US or all you Yankees would be ordering Cuban cigars from the UK.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    The PACT Act outlawed the selling of tobacco online in the USA.

    Mr. Snuff is the only online retailer in the USA who stayed in business (I think).

    He got around the PACT Act by opening a branch in Ireland and selling snuff from Ireland rather than from Upstate New York.

    Those who legislated The PACT Act probably didn't even have an idea of what snuff was, but the wording of the law was so sweeping and all inclusive that it had, at least, a few unintended consequences.
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