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Samuel Gawith Christmas Pinch

has anyone had this? whats the grind is it coarse and springy like their other products


  • I have a tin of it but havent opened/tried it yet. Was hopin' to see a few comments on it too.
    i opened the McChrystal's Christmas tin instead as it said Ian McChrystal put that one together himself.

  • I like it; it is medium grind in my opinion, somewhat lofty, not dusty at all. 
  • It's pretty similar to the grind of their other dark brown snuffs.  It's similar to Bernard Fichtennadel - that Pine Menthol is great... once in a while for me.  Probably another one you could add to your list of potent smelling snuffs @jeffcraft1.
  • so far the ones that i would consider to be enjoyable to me because i can smell them is
     WoS , toque rose
    Wos and toque lavender
    mycchrystal violet
    dholakia taj
    anise extra -comes in for a few seconds as long as i hadnt smelled it in a while
    Wos gold label
    Wos Irish high toast 22
    Toque plain toast
    SNAFU plain
    Wos crumbs of comfort extra
    Toque berwick browns

    i know this seems like there are a lot here but none really linger for long maybe a few minutes but most of them that i listed only last for a few seconds and then i have to go hours with hout having a bit of the snuff that the smelll dissapeard on i cant smell any sp's whatsoever. i think my next order will be these ones and see if i can just increase my ability to smell them better. so most of the ones that are listed the scent is there i just cant really dectect it too well. everything else outside of my nose i can smell just fine. terribly confused
  • I like it although it is menthol it fits the pine sent.
  • It has both pine and menthol. I like it, but don't use it very often. I like the fluffy tobacco, and though the scent fades fast, it's still a pretty nice pine scented snuff. 
  • Hmm ... is an odd one for me. Definitely menthol, some pine, but there is a rather large note of cooked processed meat. Odd, not much of a fan.
  • @Pompeius, " cooked processed meat "? Damn! What kind like ham?
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I had a question about the SG Christmas Pinch it's about the flavors between the SG Christmas(2013) and the one they currently have for sale now(SG Christmas Pinch)
    I heard the scents where very different.
    Could/can someone tell me how different they were.between the two?
    I've been searching 4 a sample of the Christmas 2013 blend which they no longer make.

    Peace and Alohas. :-c
  • @jmahes A plate of Vienna sausages that had been microwaved for too long.
  • @Pompeius, even the visual doesn't sound appealing
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